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Who i am...[edit]

...everyone in real life™ calls me Smiley - you'd know why if you'd see me ;) I've been around for years in the main german communities Wartower and GWCom (former GW-Tactics) where i mainly discussed teambuilds and tactics. I have a decent knowledge of anything PvE related and helped a lot of people getting things done there but i was never really interested in PvP. I haven't been very active in the wikis back then, just did a few minor edits - but since they were a place where i got my knowledge from, i decided to help out in the GW2 wiki once it starts.

What i'm doing here...[edit]

Actually i don't do much on the english wiki, but i've been pretty active in the german where i'm one of the few autopatrol users and the only widget editor so far. I've created a lot of articles for crafting items and recipes, reported a lot of translation errors and did stuff. Sadly, GW2 went into a direction which didn't satisfy me anymore (i call it "Super Mario Wars" sometimes), so i became inactive for a while and went back to GW1 where i finished another GWAMM... This would change when the API was introduced, which was something what i've been waiting for. Do you remember the promise of web apps long before the release? The API was actually more than i expected! So i started playing GW2 again - in a way - without the need to start the game client... :D
I've ~8 years experience in PHP/MySQL, Javascript and messed around with web stuff since the late 90's. Because i didn't study that stuff or got taught i may have a different view on things but i always find a way to get things done ;) I work in the transportation business where i get to work with navigation stuff in many ways, so it was just a logical step that the release of the GW2 maps API led me to create the wiki maps project and further the location tracker (deadlink), when Cliff announced the possibilties of the Mumble link. (hop over to my german userpage for more info)

Oh hey, this pull request of mine not only added sector boundaries to the API, but also brought you colored sectors in WvW ingame. Sometimes it's the little things...

My work[edit]

Open API PRs[edit]

Other stuff[edit]