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This is the userpage of the wiki user Sjacie.


Name Profession Race Birthday lvl 80
Warrior icon small.png Sjacie Warrior Human 25-08-2012 1Yes
Engineer icon small.png Sjacie Duskborn Engineer Sylvari 25-08-2012 1Yes
Ranger icon small.png Sjacie Agilaz Ranger Asura 26-08-2012 1Yes
Thief icon small.png Sjacie Bonesplitter Thief Charr 26-08-2012 1Yes
Guardian icon small.png Sjacie The Guardian Guardian Norn 26-08-2012 1Yes
Mesmer icon small.png Pre Gwen Mesmer Human 31-08-2012 1Yes
Elementalist icon small.png Charrcie Bonemelter Elementalist Charr 02-09-2012 1Yes
Necromancer icon small.png Sjacie Nightshroom Necromancer Sylvari 03-09-2012 1Yes
Warrior icon small.png Its A Me Sjacie Warrior Sylvari 26-03-2013 1Yes
Guardian icon small.png Alian Bananacrusher Guardian Asura 16-04-2014 1Yes
Warrior icon small.png Sjacie Bonerender Warrior Charr 18-05-2014 1Yes
Necromancer icon small.png Lovely Necromancer Necromancer Human 09-09-2014 1Yes
Revenant icon small.png Sjacie Mistwalker Revenant Human 04-05-2017 1Yes
Thief icon small.png Ophelia Belladonna Thief Sylvari 30-07-2017 1Yes
Elementalist icon small.png Pimm Pamm Pett Elementalist Asura 28-02-2018 1Yes
Revenant icon small.png Brodá Revenant Asura 28-10-2019 0No


Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Sjacie.
  • This user has played the original Guild Wars since May 2006
  • This user has a complete Hall of Monuments
  • This user started playing Guild Wars 2 in the 3 day headstart on August 25 2012
  • This user has a character for all 8 professions in Guild Wars 2
  • This user mainly uses male characters
  • This user's main character is a human warrior
  • This user has weird feelings for Gwen
  • This user mainly plays PvE
  • This user was level 80 within a week since he started playing Guild Wars 2
  • This user achieved 100% map completion within 2 weeks of playing Guild Wars 2

Userbox overdose![edit]

Male.png This user is Male.
PvE This user plays PvE.
Flag of Europe.svg This user plays for the territory of Europe.
Vista-icon.png This user is a Windows gamer.
User Super Igor - Awesome.png This user is absolutely awesome!
Warrior This user is a Warrior.
User Aspectacle humana 200px.png This user salutes its equals like a true human. Hail!
Grenth is the god of darkness, ice and death. His acolytes know that the veil between the worlds is thin. Death does not frighten me. Even the darkest nights give me comfort because Grenth watches over me. Everyone said this user was blessed by Grenth when they were young.
I grew up among the nobles, including my friend Lord Faren, who can trace their ancestry back to ancient kings. I received an excellent education, am well versed in courtly graces, and understand the responsibility that comes with privilege. This user raised among the nobility.

User Silverleaf gwaa.png Sjacie is a member of the GWAA Society.
GWW This user has an account on the Guild Wars Wiki.
User Hrafn Circlebullet.png This user is excited about guns in Guild Wars 2
:[ This user has turned EVIL!
User Unendingfear Fear.jpg This user is evil
^^ This user has an excess of userboxes.
Ghosts of Ascalon cover 01.jpg This user has read "Ghosts of Ascalon"
Edge of Destiny cover.jpg This user has read "Edge of Destiny"
User Madhatter Image caution.png This user is a mature gamer and wont take your drama
User Demonthorn Gwlogo.jpg This user played the original Guild Wars.
Healing Surge.png This user has achieved the title of God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals!
Calculator 50.jpg This user has achieved 50/50 in the GW2 reward calculator! Hail this Champion of the Gods!


Pim - Sjacie