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Stuff I'm Busy With (Not in order)[edit]

All-80 Daily Loop[edit]


  • Acquire Ascended Trailblazer items to min/max my build
    • Amulet
    • 1 * Ring
    • 2 * Earrings


  • Craft The Colossus by doing the collection tiers - Bug (Any weapon with glow) - Looks fantastic (Halo + Wings add to the look)! Look into it...


  • Full Ascended Light Berserker (2 / 6)
  • Finish Reaper Traits


  • 100% World Exploration (This may take awhile :p)


  • Finish the Fractal Expert achievement (All Fractals between 50 and 75)

Misc Achievements[edit]

  • Finish the Costume Brawl achievements
    • 300 Wins (Done)
    • 350 Wins (Done)
    • 400 Wins
    • 450 Wins
    • 500 Wins


  • Kill the Modus Sceleris
    • Brigga the Bruiser
    • Freeth
    • Orma
    • Veland
  • Complete all the Mini Dungeons
    • Ascalon
    • Kryta
    • Maguuma Jungle
    • Ruins of Orr
    • Shiverpeak Mountains

To do with Gold / Gems[edit]

  • Buy my 9th Bank Tab - Bank Tab Expansion (600 Gems - 120g) - Wait for it to go on sale
  • By a Storage Expander to get up to 500 depositables (800 Gems - 160g) - Wait for it to go on sale
  • Get 1,337 gold (Leet ;D)
  • Give Jadexi 100g (He's been good to me!)


  • Finish the Priory entry with my Elementalist for the home-screen flag (Done)
  • Get the Champion Hunter title on my Ranger (Done)
  • Get my Thief to 80 (Done)
  • Full Exotic Berserker (Armor + Dual Pistols + Dual Daggers + Shortbow) for my Thief (Done)
  • Get my Warrior to 80 (Done)
  • Get 500 Weaponcrafting (Done)
  • Place 30 kegs to finish the "Great Jungle Wurm Slayer" achievement (Done due to being set to 5)
  • 10,000 Achievement Points (Done)
  • Redo all Dive Master dives for the 4th AND 5th time (Hopefully get the achievement this time - Currently on 37/38...) (Done) - Damn you Pig Iron Quarry for being so buggy!
  • Unlock all the Sylvari Cultural armor required for the Emperor Title (Done)
  • Buy full T1 / T2 / T3 Human Cultural required for the Emperor Title (Done)
  • Acquire the Golden title (Done)
  • Max Cooking on my Guardian (Done)
  • Buy Celestial Dye (Done)
  • Get Mawdrey II (Done)
  • Hit WvW Rank 230 for double stacks (Done)
  • Finish all the Luminescent armor achievements (Done) - Took 40 Vinewrath kills to get the third coat o_O
  • Max Armorcrafting (Thanks GW2Spidy!)
  • Get to, and finish F50 without skipping any levels (Done - Cliffside Fractal at 39 - Holy hells...)
  • Current Rare Loss (Lvl 80 Rare Shortbows): 15,000 - Loss count will stop increasing due to the announcement of precursor acquisition quests in Heart of Thorns
  • Get the Horrik's Horror achievement (Kill First Mate Horrik in the Mai Trin boss Fractal) (Done - In F50 ;D)
  • Get the Flawless Fin Foils achievement (Done - Fun bug where you reverse back in during the darkness path)
  • Finish Arah P4 (Simin will die by The Dreamer!) (Done)
  • Finish Personal Storyline on my Ranger (Done)
  • Create a Human Guardian (Done)
  • Get Guardian to Level 80 (Done)
  • Acquire Human T3 Guardian with full White Dye (Done)
  • Get my Elementalist to 80 (Done)
  • Create a Mesmer, and get to 80 (Done)

Mini Dungeons TODO (Not in order)[edit]



Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Ruins of Orr[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Wiki TODO[edit]


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