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“You can win a mini-me!”

Welcome to the September 2014 Feature Pack contributor contest! As part of the upcoming Feature Pack release, the wiki is giving away 13 Mini Llama codes to contributors that help expanding the wiki until September 23rd!


In total, we're giving away 13 Mini Llama codes!

  • 3×1 Mini Llama for each of the top three contributors for Feature Pack related content (only on the English wiki)
  • 10×1 Mini Llama raffled to 10 random contributors during the contest duration


  • To be considered for winning a prize, you are required to sign the participants list below by the end of the contest
  • For one of the top three contributor positions, all contributions on the English wiki that are directly related to the Feature Pack will be considered and ranked by the contest committee.
  • To be eligible for one of the 10 llama codes, you need to make at least 10 valuable contributions in total over the duration of the contest
    • Contributions can be made on either the English wiki, the French wiki, or the German wiki
    • A valuable contribution is an edit that either adds new content to the wiki, or actively enhances existing content. For example adding articles for new items, or adding recipes to existing articles, is considered a valuable contribution. So is generally improving an existing article, or participating in a wiki project.
    • Not considered for this contest are smaller edits, for example fixing only typos, or adding single values to an article's infobox. While we appreciate these contributions a lot and they help us to maintain the overall quality of the wiki, the primary purpose of this contest is to encourage new and old contributors to expand the wiki's content.

Note that there is no hard definition for what qualifies as a valuable contribution or contributions directly related to the Feature Pack. The decision will be made individually during the evaluation by an unbiased committee.

What to contribute

  • A general introduction on editing and what needs to be done can be found on Guild Wars 2 Wiki:How to help.
  • The September 2014 Feature Pack article gives a good idea on what things are new with the feature pack, and as such are likely to require edits, or completely new articles, after the patch goes live.
    • Once the patch is live, the Game updates/2014-09-09 article will also contain a very detailed list of things that are new or changed.
  • Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Projects lists larger projects of the wiki, each covering a specific topic, which all need further contributions.



Combining all three wikis, we had a total number of 193 users sign up for the contest. Of those, 85 users contributed enough to qualify for the rewards. That equals to an impressive success rate of 44%. On the English wiki alone, there were 63 out of 158 eligible users.

Counting only the contributions in the main namespace, we had about 7,000 edits by participants of the contest, and that's not counting the numerous file uploads some users did, or helpful edits in other namespaces. For this, we want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. We're especially happy that most users not only did the absolute minimum of 10 edits to just pass the requirements, but actually stuck around for a longer time and worked on improving the content of the wiki. And some of those are even still around, and will hopefully stay with us for longer. You all did an amazing job, and we would love to see you join the wiki community and become a regular editor.

Thank you all!


Among our 63 users contributing as part of the contest, we had a few that took a lot of effort to improve our September 2014 Feature Pack content content. We decided to reward four of them for their outstanding work:

  • Asuka (talk) – For the large number of contributions on various content areas, but especially for overhauling the personal story missions and their rewards.
  • Eowin (talk) – For the huge effort in figuring out the new level rewards on multiple character, and for working on collections.
  • Idris (talk) – For working on the Glorious armor and providing high quality screenshots.
  • Tyndel (talk) – For the high amount of contributions in various areas, including collections, skill facts, icons, junk items and drop research.

Raffle winners

From the remaining 81 eligible users, we randomly drew the following ten (thanks to who each win a Mini Llama:

Thanks to KingKuistre, who already has a mini llama and graciously declined the prize, we have a follow-up winner. According to the same order used before, that follow-up winner is MithranArkanere!