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To do: tag lore inconsistencies / anomalies[edit]

  • Firstborn#Notes: Each Luminary states that they are the oldest sylvari born in their cycle. However, the oldest sylvari of all is Trahearne, who is not a Luminary.
    • Caithe states Wynne was the first Night Firstborn during The Mystery Cave.
      During The Mystery Cave story instance, Caithe states that "She [Wynne] was the first of the night blooms".
      This conflicts with the storyline of luminary Malomedies (quote pending). Edit: in spite of thorough investigation, no such statement can be found in-game. Lore discrepancy tag was therefore removed.
  • Mouvelian calendar
  • Runestones in Orr with New Krytan text, outside Azabe Qabar.
  • Various readable objects: e.g. skill points (graves etc.) throughout Orr, even though Erik Oevermar says "all references to the Orrian syllabary have been lost".
  • Scarlet's timeline...
  • Date of the previous Dragonrise
  • The unveiling of Mordremoth's name.
  • Vekk's Thesis and The Six: Being or Playing God - Gadd knowing of dragons; Vekk and Gadd knowing dragons consumed magic (both discoveries are past their times)
  • Ancient jotun ghost appearances and Historian Merry's dialogue - pre fall, they have better looks (likely a cause of inbreeding as indicated in The Savage Pride of the Jotun - File:Jotun ghost.jpg, Elder Thruln, and File:Veteran Jotun Spirit.jpg
  • Lionguard Polearm mentions Destiny's Edge being together during Wintersday 1320; they broke up before winter of 1320 (no snow mentioned, at least, during ending of Edge of Destiny).
  • Althair mentions Killeen having died a long time ago and that he put off visiting her grave "for years"; she died in 1324 AE (1 year before the dialogue was first implemented).

(feel free to add items to this list if you got any)

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