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This page details how to format achievement categories and individual achievements. Templates related to achievements can be found in Category:Achievement formatting templates.

Achievement category formatting[edit]

Broadly all achievement category pages will use {{Achievement table header}} and {{Achievement table row}}.

  • If an achievement has its own individual page, the page parameter provides a link to the given page.
  • If an achievement is repeatable, the cap parameter defines the cap on the AP that can be obtained if one exists. This is used for calculating the total, otherwise, the repeatable achievement is only counted once.
<!-- Description of the category, including the number of achievements. Total number of achievement points is generated by the template! -->

{{achievement table header
| name =
| icon = 
{{achievement table row
| name = 
| page = 
| category = 
| description = 
| flavor = 
| type = 
| cap = 
| parent = 
| tiers = 
| reward = 
| title = 
| location = 
| prerequisite =
| activity = 

== Notes ==
<!-- Any notes about the achievement category, such as anomalies or spelling errors. Notes on individual achievements typically justify creating an individual page. -->

== Trivia ==
<!-- Any relevant trivia about the category, trivia about individual achievements and their references should go here in addition to individual pages as not all achievements have individual articles. -->

{{achievement nav}}

Individual achievement formatting[edit]

The wiki has two ways to provide more detailed information about individual achievements:

  1. If the achievement is relatively simple and can be described in a few lines, consider adding it to the Notes section on the achievement category page. Example: One Path Ends (achievements)#Notes
  2. If an achievement needs quite a lot of explanation, or maps etc, consider an individual page that uses {{achievement box}}. See below for a template. Example: Cleansing Tormented Remnants

  • The "page" parameter will need to be set on the achievement category's {{achievement table row}} such that the individual page is linked.
<!-- Description of the individual achievement. -->

== Achievement ==
{{achievement box|name=<!-- individual achievement name goes here -->}}
{{YouTube search}}<!-- only if the achievement is complex enough to require video footage -->

== Walkthrough ==
<!-- Consider whether a map is necessary -->[[File:<Individual achievement name> map.jpg|thumb|Overview]]

<!-- If multiple locations are involved, consider a table of maps -->
{| {{STDT|pve sortable}}
! #
! Location description
! Map
| 1
| <!-- location description 1 -->
| [[File:<Individual achievement name> map 1.jpg|150px]]
| 2
| <!-- location description 2 -->
| [[File:<Individual achievement name> map 2.jpg|150px]]

<!-- etc -->

== Notes ==
<!-- Any additional notes about the achievement. -->

== Trivia ==
<!-- Any relevant trivia about the achievement. -->