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Ineffable armor is mostly crafted, although the boots are also received as Personal Story rewards every 10 levels. There also seem to be alternate methods of acquiring the crafted versions, including Mentor's Kit.

  • PS boots have stats boosted by 4 levels.
    • Levels 10 and 20 are masterwork and use the Milita/Rogue/Devout skins.
    • Levels 30, 60, and 70 are rare and use the Studded Plate/Stalker/Stately skins.
    • Levels 40 and 50 are rare and use the Pit Fighter/Duelist/Dry Bones skins.
  • Crafted versions have stats boosted by 6 levels (same as the Handcrafted leveling weapons).
    • All crafted versions are exotic.
Heavy skin set Medium skin set Light skin set
Militia armor Rogue armor Devout armor
Pit Fighter armor Duelist armor Dry Bones armor
Studded Plate armor Stalker armor Stately armor
Dark Templar armor Buccaneer armor Primitive armor

Name to skin xref[edit]

Ineffable armor uses a unique name for each skin.

  • *** These items have the incorrect skin ID assigned.

Militia / Rogue / Devout[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Duty-Bound Domeplate Heavy Helm Militia Helm
Duty-Bound Platepads Heavy Shoulders Militia Pauldrons
Duty-Bound Brigandine Heavy Coat Militia Breastplate
Duty-Bound Bracers Heavy Gloves Militia Gauntlets
Duty-Bound Thigh Guards Heavy Leggings Militia Leggings
Duty-Bound Duffers Heavy Boots Militia Boots
Ragamuffin Bandana Medium Helm ***
Ragamuffin Pads Medium Shoulders Rogue Pauldrons
Ragamuffin Cape Medium Coat Rogue Coat
Ragamuffin Grips Medium Gloves Rogue Gloves
Ragamuffin Slacks Medium Leggings Rogue Pants
Ragamuffin Toeshoes Medium Boots Rogue Boots
Homespun Hood Light Helm Devout Helm
Homespun Shoulderpads Light Shoulders Devout Mantle
Homespun Garb Light Coat Devout Garb
Homespun Mittens Light Gloves Devout Gloves
Homespun Trousers Light Leggings Devout Leggings
Homespun Espadrilles Light Boots Devout Shoes

Pit Fighter / Duelist / Dry Bones[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Barca's Crest Heavy Helm Pit Fighter Helm
Barca's Sleeve Heavy Shoulders Pit Fighter Shoulderguard
Barca's Gambit Heavy Coat Pit Fighter Chestguard
Barca's Studs Heavy Gloves Pit Fighter Wristguards
Barca's Baldric Heavy Leggings Pit Fighter Skirt
Boots of Barca Heavy Boots Pit Fighter Greaves
Ostholz's Rag Medium Helm Duelist Mask
Ostholz's Brace Medium Shoulders Duelist Pauldrons
Ostholz's Duster Medium Coat Duelist Coat
Ostholz's Work Gloves Medium Gloves ***
Ostholz's Britches Medium Leggings ***
Ostholz's Kickers Medium Boots ***
Cabras Cowl Light Helm Dry Bones Hood
Dessicated Pauldrons Light Shoulders Dry Bones Mantle
Rattling Cage Light Coat Dry Bones Garb
Kid Gloves Light Gloves Dry Bones Gloves
Witherbreeches Light Leggings Dry Bones Leggings
Cloven Hooves Light Boots Dry Bones Shoes

Studded Plate / Stalker / Stately[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Pike's Ambition Heavy Helm Studded Plate Helm
Dual Peaks Heavy Shoulders Studded Plate Pauldrons
Brightcarved Breastplate Heavy Coat Studded Plate Armor
Groaning Gloves Heavy Gloves Studded Plate Gauntlets
Sepulchre Greaves Heavy Leggings Studded Plate Leggings
Swelter's Gait Heavy Boots Studded Plate Greaves
Mask of 1,000 Faces Medium Helm Stalker Visage
Obfuscation Ward Medium Shoulders Stalker Shoulderguards
Amnemoi's Robe Medium Coat Stalker Coat
Inconnu's Paw Medium Gloves Stalker Gloves
Inconspicuous Dungarees Medium Leggings Stalker Pants
Trackless Boots Medium Boots Stalker Boots
Anointed Diadem Light Helm Stately Circlet
Pious Pinion Light Shoulders Stately Epaulets
Vesper Vest Light Coat Stately Garb
Clarion Clasps Light Gloves Stately Gloves
Cumulus Habit Light Leggings Stately Leggings
Blessed Steps Light Boots Stately Footwear

Dark Templar / Buccaneer / Primitive[edit]

Item name Type Skin name
Bella's Crown Heavy Helm Dark Templar Helm
Miucha's Mantle Heavy Shoulders Dark Templar Pauldrons
Gieve's Plate Heavy Coat Dark Templar Breastplate
Massey's Gauntlet Heavy Gloves Dark Templar Gauntlets
Mail of Mac Quen Heavy Leggings Dark Templar Tassets
Clark's Chukkas Heavy Boots Dark Templar Greaves
Dashing Tricorner Medium Helm Buccaneer Helm
Breezy Backplate Medium Shoulders Buccaneer Shoulders
Many-Buckled Swash Medium Coat Buccaneer Coat
Irresistible Javalinas Medium Gloves Buccaneer Gloves
Stiletto Jodhpurs Medium Leggings Buccaneer Leggings
Highsteppers Medium Boots ***
Imuthi's Occipitus Light Helm ***
Imuthi's Coracoid Light Shoulders Primitive Mantle
Imuthi's Thorax Light Coat Primitive Chestwraps
Imuthi's Phalanges Light Gloves Primitive Handwraps
Imuthi's Femurs Light Leggings Primitive Legwraps
Imuthi's Tarsals Light Boots Primitive Footwraps

Personal Story versions[edit]


  • Masterwork: Hearty, Honed, Hunter, Ravaging, Rejuvenating, Strong, Vigorous
  • Rare: Apothecary, Assassin, Berserker, Carrion, Cleric's, Knight's, Rampager, Valkyrie
Level Rarity Major Minor Heavy skin Medium skin Light skin
10 Masterwork 4 3 Militia Boots Rogue Boots Devout Shoes
20 Masterwork 6 Militia Boots Rogue Boots Devout Shoes
30 Rare Pit Fighter Greaves*  ??? Dry Bones Shoes*
40 Rare 13 9 Pit Fighter Greaves 910 Dry Bones Shoes
50 Rare 17 12 Pit Fighter Greaves 910 Dry Bones Shoes
60 Rare 21 15 Heavy Plate Greaves* Duelist Boots* Stately Footwear
70 Rare 26 19 Heavy Plate Greaves* Duelist Boots* Stately Footwear
  • * Denotes deviation from the skin used by the crafted versions.

Link lists[edit]

Crafted versions[edit]

Prefixes: Apothecary's, Assassin's, Berserker's, Carrion, Cleric's, Knight's, Rampager's, Valkyrie

Levels Heavy skin Medium skin Light skin
18 Militia Rogue Devout
26, 37 Pit Fighter Duelist Dry Bones
44, 51, 60 Studded Plate Stalker Stately
65, 68 Dark Templar Buccaneer Primitive
Level Helm Coat Leggings Sh/Gl/Bo
Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor Major Minor
18 9 6 20 14 13 9 7 5
26 13 9 30 21 20 14 10 7
37 19 13 42 30 28 20 14 10
44 23 16 51 37 34 24 17 12
51 27 20 61 44 41 29 20 15
60 34 24 76 54 50 36 25 18
65 37 27 84 60 56 40 28 20
68 40 28 89 64 60 43 30 21
Level Rating Material tier Ecto Insignia
Insg Coat Helm
Full set
18 350 Steel/Coarse/Cotton 1 5 2 2 21 Ineffable Cotton Insignia
26 375 Darksteel/Rugged/Linen 2 6 4 2 32 Ineffable Linen Insignia
37 375 Darksteel/Rugged/Linen 2 8 5 3 39 Ineffable Intricate Linen Insignia
44 400 Mithril/Thick/Silk 3 10 5 4 50 Ineffable Silk Insignia
51 400 Mithril/Thick/Silk 3 10 8 4 56 Ineffable Embroidered Silk Insignia
60 400 Mithril/Thick/Silk 3 12 10 5 65 Ineffable Intricate Silk Insignia
65 425 Orichalcum/Hardened/Gossamer 5 20 15 10 110 Ineffable Embroidered Gossamer Insignia
68 425 Orichalcum/Hardened/Gossamer 5 25 20 10 125 Ineffable Intricate Gossamer Insignia

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Disambig pages[edit]

Disambig 1

Only boots
Levels 10, 18, 20

Missing stats[edit]

  • Attributes for PS versions.


  • Stalker-skin items use a mixture of Rogue and Duelist icons, rather than the Stalker icons.
  • A number of PS boots use a different skin than the crafted versions of the same name.