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{{temporary|release name}}
{{temporary|release name|seasonal=season name}}
{{temporary|release name|seasonal=season name|notes=notes if complicated}}

This template is used for temporary release-related content that is either limited to a single release, or was introduced with a release and is only temporarily made available for a limited amount of time.


Optional. Release name
Optional. Name of event for which the content reappears and changes the icon. This parameter also determines the value of Property:Is for seasonal event.


{{Temporary|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|release=Lunar New Year 2015|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|release=Lunar New Year 2018|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Box (release)|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Box: Back to School|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Festival 2017|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Festival 2018|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Dragon Bash 2013|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|release=Dragon Bash 2019|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Queen's Jubilee|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Bazaar of the Four Winds|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Cutthroat Politics|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Festival of the Four Winds 2014|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Festival of the Four Winds 2018|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Blood and Madness 2014|seasonal=Halloween}}
{{Temporary|release=Shadow of the Mad King 2012|seasonal=Halloween|notes=Unavailable in 2015 and 2016.}}
{{Temporary|release=Wintersday 2013|seasonal=Wintersday}}
{{Temporary|release=Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx|seasonal=Wintersday}}