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{{temporary|release name}}
{{temporary|release name|seasonal=season name}}
{{temporary|release name|seasonal=season name|notes=notes if complicated}}

This template is used for temporary release-related content that is either limited to a single release, or was introduced with a release and is only temporarily made available for a limited amount of time.


Optional. Release name.
Optional. Name of the Festival for which the content reappears. This parameter also determines the icon displayed as well as the value of Property:Is for seasonal event.
Optional. Additional notes.


{{Temporary|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|release=Lunar New Year 2015|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|release=Lunar New Year 2018|seasonal=Lunar New Year}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Box (release)|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Box: Back to School|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Festival 2017|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Super Adventure Festival 2018|seasonal=Super Adventure Festival}}
{{Temporary|release=Dragon Bash 2013|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|release=Dragon Bash 2019|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Dragon Bash}}
{{Temporary|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Queen's Jubilee|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Bazaar of the Four Winds|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Cutthroat Politics|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Festival of the Four Winds 2014|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Festival of the Four Winds 2018|seasonal=Festival of the Four Winds}}
{{Temporary|release=Blood and Madness 2014|seasonal=Halloween}}
{{Temporary|release=Shadow of the Mad King 2012|seasonal=Halloween|notes=Unavailable in 2015 and 2016.}}
{{Temporary|release=Wintersday 2013|seasonal=Wintersday}}
{{Temporary|release=Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx|seasonal=Wintersday}}