Heritage armor

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Heritage armor
Heritage armor (light) human female front.jpg Heritage armor (medium) human female front.jpg Heritage armor (heavy) human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Heritage armor is a group of armor sets that can be acquired at the Hall of Monuments. They can be acquired from Kimmes the Historian so long as a player has earned enough rewards points from playing the original Guild Wars. Details on the rewards system can be found on the Eye of the North (instance) article.

Once the point threshold has been met, players can purchase armor piece skins from Kimmes for free as many times as they wish. Once purchased, the skins will also become available in the player's wardrobe, where they can be applied at any time without needing transmutation charges.



Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Heritage Masque.png Heritage Masque Heritage Bandana.png Heritage Bandana Heritage Warhelm.png Heritage Warhelm
Shoulders Heritage Mantle.png Heritage Mantle Heritage Shoulderpads.png Heritage Shoulderpads Heritage Pauldrons.png Heritage Pauldrons
Coat Heritage Greatcoat.png Heritage Greatcoat Heritage Jerkin.png Heritage Jerkin Heritage Warplate.png Heritage Warplate
Gloves Heritage Gloves.png Heritage Gloves Heritage Armguards.png Heritage Armguards Heritage Gauntlets.png Heritage Gauntlets
Leggings Heritage Pants.png Heritage Pants Heritage Legguards.png Heritage Legguards Heritage Legplates.png Heritage Legplates
Boots Heritage Shoes.png Heritage Shoes Heritage Boots.png Heritage Boots Heritage Warboots.png Heritage Warboots

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Skin preview codes
Armor class Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots

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