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Click [{{fullurl:Template%3AInventory%2F%7B%7B%7B1%7D%7D%7D|action=edit}} here] to edit this table{{inventory/{{{1}}}|}}


This template inserts a copy of the items offered by a specified vendor. The list of possible vendors is given in the #Parameters section below. To include this template on a page, use:

{{inventory|<service lookup>}}

Vendor lists[edit]

The vendor lists themselves are stored on subpages of this page. For instance, "standard merchant" is stored on Template:Inventory/standard merchant. To edit the list of items provided by a vendor, edit that subpage. (Alternately, this template adds a "Click here to edit the table" link on any page it's used on, so you can also reach the relevant subpage directly via that.)

You can also use the edit box below to go directly to any subpage; type a substring of the title into it to receive a list of matching subpages.

Refer to {{vendor table row}} and {{vendor table header}} for vendor inventory formatting.


Unnamed parameter 1
The NPC service table to generate. A full list of inventory tables is found on Category:Vendor inventory tables.
Table Description
Merchant tables
standard merchant Bag + all salvage kits + all tools
standard merchant 1 Copper tools only
standard merchant 2 Copper + Iron
standard merchant 3 Iron + Steel
standard merchant 4 Steel + Darksteel
standard merchant 5 Steel + Darksteel + Orichalcum
standard merchant 6 Mithril + Orichalcum
standard merchant 7 Darksteel + Mithril
salvage kit merchant
mystic forge merchant
laurel merchant
wvw laurel merchant
chef ingredients 1
candy merchant
gift exchange Wintersday items
Karma merchant tables
chef ingredients
Bartender tables
belcher's bluff kit
bartender 1 GW1's legacy beverages
bartender 2 Common norn beverages
bartender 3 Aloe seed snack bar
bartender 4 Charr whiskeys
bartender 5 Elonian selection
bartender 6 Sylvari nectars
Crafting NPCs, specific tabs
kits and tools
Crafting NPCs, entire inventory
master armorsmith
master artificer
master chef
master huntsman
master jeweler
master leatherworker
master tailor
master weaponsmith
commander trainer
profession trainer
Guild vendors
guild armorer
guild weaponsmith
guild commendation trader
guild promoter drink
guild promoter letter
Path of Fire vendors
dwarven crafting specialist 32-slot bag exchange
grey market diamond exchange
no subobjects
Optional. Suppresses subobjects if true, defaults false. Only set if you know what you're doing.

Example usage[edit]

{{inventory|standard merchant 4}}

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