Dragon Reward Chest

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Dragon Reward Chest

Double-click to receive your PvP rewards.

— In-game description


Reaching and leveling Dragon rank in Structured PvP.


Light armor[edit]

PvP Savant armor
  • PvP Savant Helm
  • PvP Savant Epaulets
  • PvP Savant Coat
  • PvP Savant Gloves
  • PvP Savant Leggings
  • PvP Savant Boots
PvP Dryad armor
  • PvP Dryad Helm
  • PvP Dryad Epaulets
  • PvP Dryad Coat
  • PvP Dryad Gloves
  • PvP Dryad Leggings
  • PvP Dryad Boots
PvP Magus armor
  • PvP Magus Helm
  • PvP Magus Shoulders
  • PvP Magus Coat
  • PvP Magus Gloves
  • PvP Magus Leggings
  • PvP Magus Boots
PvP Sorcerer's armor
  • PvP Sorcerer's Masque
  • PvP Sorcerer's Epaulets
  • PvP Sorcerer's Coat
  • PvP Sorcerer's Livery
  • PvP Sorcerer's Pants
  • PvP Sorcerer's Shoes
PvP Lupine armor
  • PvP Lupine Circlet
  • PvP Lupine Mantle
  • PvP Lupine Doublet
  • PvP Lupine Gloves
  • PvP Lupine Leggings
  • PvP Lupine Shoes
Forgeman armor
Nightmare Court armor
  • PvP Nightmare Court Regalia
  • PvP Nightmare Court Mantle
  • PvP Nightmare Court Robes
  • PvP Nightmare Court Gloves
  • PvP Nightmare Court Sarong
  • PvP Nightmare Court Footwraps

Medium armor[edit]

PvP Prototype armor
  • PvP Prototype Helm
  • PvP Prototype Epaulets
  • PvP Prototype Coat
  • PvP Prototype Gloves
  • PvP Prototype Leggings
  • PvP Prototype Boots
PvP Firstborn armor
  • PvP Firstborn Helm
  • PvP Firstborn Shoulderguards
  • PvP Firstborn Coat
  • PvP Firstborn Gloves
  • PvP Firstborn Leggings
  • PvP Firstborn Boots
PvP Trapper armor
  • PvP Trapper Helm
  • PvP Trapper Shoulders
  • PvP Trapper Coat
  • PvP Trapper Gloves
  • PvP Trapper Leggings
  • PvP Trapper Boots
Assassin's armor
PvP Wolf armor
  • PvP Wolf Mask
  • PvP Wolf Shoulderpad
  • PvP Wolf Vest
  • PvP Wolf Bracers
  • PvP Wolf Leggings
  • PvP Wolf Boots
Forgeman armor
PvP Nightmare Court armor (medium)
  • PvP Nightmare Court Faceguard
  • PvP Nightmare Court Collar
  • PvP Nightmare Court Guise
  • PvP Nightmare Court Armguards
  • PvP Nightmare Court Leggings
  • PvP Nightmare Court Boots

Heavy armor[edit]

PvP Electromagnetic armor
  • PvP Electromagnetic Helm
  • PvP Electromagnetic Epaulets
  • PvP Electromagnetic Coat
  • PvP Electromagnetic Gloves
  • PvP Electromagnetic Leggings
  • PvP Electromagnetic Boots
Oaken armor
PvP Dreadnought armor
  • PvP Dreadnought Visor
  • PvP Dreadnought Spaulders
  • PvP Dreadnought Hauberk
  • PvP Dreadnought Fists
  • PvP Dreadnought Tassets
  • PvP Dreadnought Boots
PvP Protector's armor
  • PvP Protector's Helm
  • PvP Protector's Shoulderplates
  • PvP Protector's Armor
  • PvP Protector's Gauntlets
  • PvP Protector's Chausses
  • PvP Protector's Footgear
PvP Stag armor
  • PvP Stag Hounskull
  • PvP Stag Spaulders
  • PvP Stag Mail
  • PvP Stag Gauntlets
  • PvP Stag Chausses
  • PvP Stag Greaves
Forgeman armor
Nightmare Court armor


Encrusted weapons
Quaggan weapons
Bramble weapons
Destroyer weapons