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Aura of one equipped Conflux.

Combine your strength and vanquish your foes.

This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes.
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot

— In-game description

Conflux is a non-unique WvW-exclusive legendary trinket. Up to two rings can be stored in the Legendary Armory, allowing to equip two rings at once, one in each slot.


Legendary unlock book.png

The ring was fixed on his left hand, a reminder of the battle days before. While they held Stonemist, it could be minutes until their enemy appeared at the front gate. There was no time for mourning.


Sold by[edit]

  • With the introduction of the Legendary Armory, the legendary ring Slumbering Conflux is no longer obtainable, but previously crafted rings can be sold in order to purchase Conflux.
Vendor Area Zone Cost
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs Trader's Forum Lion's Arch Conflux.png Slumbering Conflux

Contained in[edit]


Mystic Forge
Output qty.
Mystic Forge
Output qty.
Historical recipe
Mystic Forge
Output qty.

Visual effects[edit]

Full material list[edit]

Primary component Secondary components Tertiary components / Cost / Acquisition Quaternary components / Cost / Acquisition
Gift of Fortune.png Mystic Tribute
Gift of Condensed Might.png 2 Gifts of Condensed Might Gift of Fangs.png 2 Gifts of Fangs
Vicious Fang.png 200 Vicious Fangs
Large Fang.png 500 Large Fangs
Sharp Fang.png 100 Sharp Fangs
Fang.png 100 Fangs
Gift of Scales.png 2 Gifts of Scales
Armored Scale.png 200 Armored Scales
Large Scale.png 500 Large Scales
Smooth Scale.png 100 Smooth Scales
Scale.png 100 Scales
Gift of Claws.png 2 Gifts of Claws
Vicious Claw.png 200 Vicious Claws
Large Claw.png 500 Large Claws
Sharp Claw.png 100 Sharp Claws
Claw.png 100 Claws
Gift of Bones.png 2 Gifts of Bones
Ancient Bone.png 200 Ancient Bones
Large Bone.png 500 Large Bones
Heavy Bone.png 100 Heavy Bones
Bone.png 100 Bones
Gift of Condensed Magic.png 2 Gifts of Condensed Magic Gift of Blood.png 2 Gifts of Blood
Vial of Powerful Blood.png 200 Vials of Powerful Blood
Vial of Potent Blood.png 500 Vials of Potent Blood
Vial of Thick Blood.png 100 Vials of Thick Blood
Vial of Blood.png 100 Vials of Blood
Gift of Venom.png 2 Gifts of Venom
Powerful Venom Sac.png 200 Powerful Venom Sacs
Potent Venom Sac.png 500 Potent Venom Sacs
Full Venom Sac.png 100 Full Venom Sacs
Venom Sac.png 100 Venom Sacs
Gift of Totems.png 2 Gifts of Totems
Elaborate Totem.png 200 Elaborate Totems
Intricate Totem.png 500 Intricate Totems
Engraved Totem.png 100 Engraved Totems
Totem.png 100 Totems
Gift of Dust.png 2 Gifts of Dust
Pile of Crystalline Dust.png 200 Piles of Crystalline Dust
Pile of Incandescent Dust.png 500 Piles of Incandescent Dust
Pile of Luminous Dust.png 100 Piles of Luminous Dust
Pile of Radiant Dust.png 100 Piles of Radiant Dust
Mystic Clover.png 77 Mystic Clovers
~231  Mystic Coin.png Mystic Coins
~231  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Globs of Ectoplasm
~231  Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shards (485,100 Karma.png or 3,465 Fractal Relic.png Fractal Relics or 231  Laurel.png Laurels or 11,550  Bandit Crest.png Bandit Crests)
~231  Mystic Crystal.png Crystals or ~1386  Philosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stones (cost of either: 139 Spirit Shard.png Spirit Shard)
Mystic Coin.png 250 Mystic Coins
Gift of the World.png Gift of the World War Commendation.png War Commendation Gift of Warfare.png Gift of Warfare

Mystic Essence of Strategy.png Mystic Essence of Strategy

Mystic Essence of Animosity.png Mystic Essence of Animosity

Mystic Essence of Carnage.png Mystic Essence of Carnage

Mystic Essence of Annihilation.png Mystic Essence of Annihilation

Emblem of the Conqueror.png Emblem of the Conqueror 100 Objectives Captured
Mist Pearl.png Mist Pearl WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 750 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket +  Memory of Battle.png 250 Memories of Battle
Mist-Enhanced Mithril.png Mist-Enhanced Mithril WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.png 750 WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket +  Memory of Battle.png 250 Memories of Battle
Gift of the Mists.png Gift of the Mists Gift of Glory.png Gift of Glory Shard of Glory.png 250 Shards of Glory
Gift of Battle.png Gift of Battle Completing Gift of Battle Item Reward Track
Gift of War.png Gift of War Memory of Battle.png 250 Memories of Battle
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy.png Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy Artificer tango icon 20px.pngHuntsman tango icon 20px.pngWeaponsmith tango icon 20px.pngArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailor tango icon 20px.png 500 crafting:
Ball of Dark Energy.png Ball of Dark Energy
Stabilizing Matrix.png 75 Stabilizing Matrices
Gift of War Dedication.png Gift of War Dedication Memory of Battle.png 250 Memories of Battle Found in World vs. World reward tracks
Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy.png Glob of Condensed Spirit Energy 100 Spirit Shard.png
Certificate of Heroics.png Certificate of Heroics 250 Proofs of Heroics or 250 Testimonies of Desert Heroics
Certificate of Honor.png Certificate of Honor 500 Badge of Honor.png
Icy Runestone.png 100 Icy Runestones 100 Gold coin total, bought from Rojan the Penitent
Gift of Conquering.png Gift of Conquering Legendary Spike.png Legendary Spike Chance to drop randomly from enemy players and NPCs in World versus World.
Gift of Battle.png 4 Gifts of Battle Completing Gift of Battle Item Reward Track
Memory of Battle.png 250 Memories of Battle Found in World vs. World reward tracks
Vision Crystal.png 2 Vision Crystals
Augur's Stone.png 2 Augur's Stones
Dragonite Ingot.png 10 Dragonite Ingots
Empyreal Star.png 10 Empyreal Stars
Bloodstone Brick.png 10 Bloodstone Bricks
Mist Band (Infused).png Mist Band (Infused) There are 3 different ways to purchase this item, depending on which materials the player wants to use:

Required currencies[edit]

Currencies Notes
1,850 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets Using Fractal or PvP currencies for  Mist Band (Infused).png Mist Band (Infused)
2,200 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets including  Mist Band (Infused).png Mist Band (Infused)
1,500 Badge of Honor.png
750 Testimony of Jade Heroics.png To purchase either 750 Testimony of Desert Heroics.png or 750 Proof of Heroics.png
1,750 Memory of Battle.png 2,000 Memory of Battle.png including  Mist Band (Infused).png Mist Band (Infused)
250 Shard of Glory.png
100 Spirit Shard.png

Available prefixes[edit]



  • Conflux was announced in a blog post on March 12th 2020.[1]
  • It was released alongside the Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire update on March 17, 2020.
  • Prior to the Legendary Armory update on July 13, 2021, Conflux was unique, meaning only one of it could be equipped at a time, which however could be bypassed by equipping Slumbering Conflux in the second ring slot. In order to preserve this behavior, the Legendary Armory allows to store up to two Conflux rings. Furthermore, the previous Slumbering Conflux recipe now crafts Conflux directly.
  • Following the release of the Legendary Armory and the discontinuation of Slumbering Conflux the visibillity of the effect associated with Conflux can be freely toggled from within the Equipment panel.
  • Slumbering Conflux provided the same benefits as Conflux without any visual effects.