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Three Legendary Llamas are hidden in Prospect Valley, Treadrock Uplands and Challenger Cliffs areas of Dry Top; tucked away at hard-to-reach places. Players will have to locate them in order to earn three achievements, as a part of the Dry Top achievements.



Legendary Llama Locator

Inside the Abandoned Mine, at the end of the quicksand river. Once inside the abandoned mine pick up a Sun Crystal and a Lightning Crystal (or Wind Crystal). Look for a ramp heading down beside the quicksand river and go to the bottom. Directly ahead of you is a cave, aim for the right hand side. Use Light Dash to get you inside the cave, one or two uses will get you next to the ledge. You can either try and jump onto it or use Lightning Pull, or Assisted Leap to get up out of the quicksand.

Alternatively, you can get to the ledge using a glider.

Learned Legendary Llama Locator

In the northeast corner of Raptor Prowl, climb up the rocks a bit and turn around to pick up the sky crystal. Use the Assisted Leap to jump up the rocks and run across the canyon edge to the next crystal. Again, use Assisted Leap to cross the three pillars, and enter the cave to find the llama.

Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator

Found west-northwest of Azarr's Arbor, along the route to a Lost Coin. Head east from the Waypoint (tango icon).png Repair Station Waypoint, then circle north and up a dune and past the Vine Bridge waypoint and wreckage. Run past the earth elementals to the wall. It will be located to left and before a purple crystal, through a bush.

Related achievements[edit]


  • Once approached, it will begin to dance in a similar fashion to the Llama Finisher, without the flashy lights, however.