Table of thief combo skills

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Table of thief skills that provide combo effects.

Slot Fields Blast finisher Projectile finisher Leap finisher Whirl finisher
Profession mechanics
Stolen skill Throw Cursed Artifact.png Throw Cursed Artifact (ethereal)

Throw Gunk.png Throw Gunk (ethereal)
Exploding Venom Sack.png Exploding Venom Sack (poison)
Spread Pollen (mossheart).png Blessing Seed (water)
Healing Seed (bundle skill).png Healing Seed (water)

Weapon skills
Pistol Black Powder.png Black Powder (smoke)
Rifle Sniper's Cover.png Sniper's Cover (smoke)
Short bow Choking Gas.png Choking Gas (poison)
Harpoon gun Poison Tip Strike.png Escape (poison)
Slot skills
Healing skill
Utility skill Seal Area.png Seal Area (dark)

Shadow Refuge.png Shadow Refuge (dark)
Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen (smoke)

Elite skill
Downed skills
Downed skill
Trait skills
Trait skill