Table of common combo skills

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Table of common skills that provide combo effects.

Slot Fields Blast finisher Projectile finisher Leap finisher Whirl finisher
Bundle skill
Shoot (Basket Brawl).png
 Throw Ball (ethereal)
Pour Tar.png
 Throw Cooked Termite Larva Meat (ethereal)
Throw Gunk.png
 Throw Gunk (ethereal)
Throw Gunk.png
 Throw Gunk (ethereal)
Throw Gunk.png
 Throw Termite Larva Meat (ethereal)
 Bonfire (fire)
 Bonfire (fire)
 Flame Wall (fire)
Blinding Flash.png
 Focused Light (fire)
Rocket Turret.png
 Incendiary Rocket Barrage (fire)
Lava Font.png
 Napalm (fire)
Lava Font.png
 Napalm (fire)
 Overcharge (fire)
Fire Shield.png
 Static Shove (lightning)
 Tornado Blast (lightning)
Exploding Venom Sack.png
 Exploding Venom Sack (poison)
Grease Cogs.png
 Lob Solvent (poison)
Slick Shoes.png
 Smoke Screen (smoke)
Healing Oasis.png
 Healing Oasis (water)
Healing Rain.png
 Healing Rain (water)
Healing Seed (bundle skill).png
 Healing Seed (water)
Pacified Magical Storm.png
 Pacified Magical Storm (water)
Shell Wall.png
 Shell Wall (water)
 Shell-ter (water)
Activity skill
Charring Barrier.png
 Charring Barrier (fire)
Icy Ground.png
 Icy Ground (ice)
Defensive Bubble.png
 Defensive Bubble (light)
Racial skill
Radiation Field.png
 Radiation Field (poison)
Summon Healing Spring.png
 Summon Healing Spring (water)