Table of guardian combo skills

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Table of guardian skills that provide combo effects.

Slot Fields Blast finisher Projectile finisher Leap finisher Whirl finisher
Profession mechanics
Tome Chapter 4- Scorched Aftermath.png Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath (fire)

Chapter 4- Stalwart Stand.png Chapter 4: Stalwart Stand (light)
Chapter 4- Shining River.png Chapter 4: Shining River (water)

Weapon skills
Axe Symbol of Vengeance.png Symbol of Vengeance (light)
Mace Symbol of Faith.png Symbol of Faith (light)
Scepter Symbol of Punishment.png Symbol of Punishment (light)
Sword Symbol of Blades.png Symbol of Blades (light)
Greatsword Symbol of Resolution.png Symbol of Resolution (light)
Hammer Ring of Warding.png Ring of Warding (light)

Symbol of Protection.png Symbol of Protection (light)

Longbow Symbol of Energy.png Symbol of Energy (light)
Staff Line of Warding.png Line of Warding (light)

Symbol of Swiftness.png Symbol of Swiftness (light)

Shield Shield of Absorption.png Shield of Absorption (light)
Spear Symbol of Spears.png Symbol of Spears (light)
Trident Refraction.png Refraction (light)
Slot skills
Healing skill
Utility skill Hallowed Ground.png Hallowed Ground (fire)

Purging Flames.png Purging Flames (fire)
Bow of Truth.png Bow of Truth (light)
Sanctuary.png Sanctuary (light)
Wall of Reflection.png Wall of Reflection (light)

Elite skill
Downed skills
Downed skill Symbol of Judgment.png Symbol of Judgment (light)
Trait skills
Trait skill Shield of Absorption.png Lesser Shield of Absorption (light)

Symbol of Protection.png Lesser Symbol of Protection (light)
Symbol of Swiftness.png Lesser Symbol of Resolution (light)