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Mordant weapons

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Mordant weapons are crafted level 80 weapons with the Harrier's prefix. They share styles with the tradeable Named Mordant weapons, which are found in Awakened Champion loot bags.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Mordant Sickle.pngMordant Sickle Axe
Mordant Slicer.pngMordant Slicer Dagger
Mordant Warclub.pngMordant Warclub Mace
Mordant Revolver.pngMordant Revolver Pistol
Mordant Cesta.pngMordant Cesta Scepter
Mordant Edge.pngMordant Edge Sword
Off hand
Mordant Key.pngMordant Key Focus
Mordant Scutum.pngMordant Scutum Shield
Mordant Brazier.pngMordant Brazier Torch
Mordant Trumpet.pngMordant Trumpet Warhorn
Mordant Slayer.pngMordant Slayer Greatsword
Mordant Crusher.pngMordant Crusher Hammer
Mordant Longbow.pngMordant Longbow Longbow
Mordant Bonespitter.pngMordant Bonespitter Rifle
Mordant Infantry Bow.pngMordant Infantry Bow Short bow
Mordant Crosier.pngMordant Crosier Staff


Related achievements[edit]

  • Crystal Desert Rare Collections.png Rare Collections: Rise of the CrescentUnlock 16 Mordant skins in your wardrobe by crafting or using the Trading Post. Recipes can be purchased from renown vendors in the Crystal Desert after unlocking Awakened weapon skins. (5Achievement pointsLost Treasure of the Great Zehtuka)

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