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Mistward Headwrap (achievement)

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This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title. Mistward Headwrap Specialization Collections 3Achievement points
Unlock the rest of the Mistward armor set to earn your headwrap.
Title: Title icon.png Mistwarden
Reward:Mistward Headwrap.png Mistward Headwrap

1 Item Collected 1Achievement points
4 Items Collected 1Achievement points
8 Items Collected 1Achievement points

Collection Items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Mistward Warboots.png Mistward Warboots Complete the Mistward Warboots collection.
Mistward Plate.png Mistward Plate Complete the Mistward Plate collection.
Mistward Warfists.png Mistward Warfists Complete the Mistward Warfists collection.
Mistward Pauldrons.png Mistward Pauldrons Complete the Mistward Pauldrons collection.
Mistward Legguards.png Mistward Legguards Complete the Mistward Legguards collection.
Mistward Helm Lining.png Mistward Helm Lining Dropped by saurian enemies.
Oiled Orichalcum Helmet Casing.png Mistward Helm Casing Defeat the Chak Gerent in Tangled Depths.
Nomad's Intricate Gossamer Insignia.png Mistward Helm Insignia Purchased for crystalline ore in Dragon's Stand.


  • While the description for the Mistward Helm Casing says the item is acquired from defeating a Chak Gerent, it's actually awarded for successfully completing the meta-event in Tangled Depths which requires all four Chak Gerents to be slain.