Andal the Thug

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Andal the Thug is one of the Sons of Svanir assaulting the Honor of the Waves. He can be encountered during the plunderer path in Sanctum of Justice and is accompanied by two dangerous Icebrood quaggans: Champion Oolon and Champion Poroo.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Uses frost magic

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Cone of Cold Cone of Cold - Spray an icy blast in a cone that damages foes and heals allies.
  • Meteor Shower - causes Chilled.png Chills for 10 seconds
  • Quaggan Growth - Point Blank AoE, causes Chilled.png Chills and damages enemies, gives Might.png Might x2 for 15 seconds to other allies
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Bag of Jewels.png Bag of Wondrous Goods Container DMasterwork 1
Carving of Jormag.png Carving of Jormag Accessory ERare 1
Gilded Strongbox.png Icy Strongbox Container FExotic 1