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Eilif is a Son of Svanir at the Veins of the Dragon in Hoelbrak.


Shiverpeak Mountains


This path isn't for you. Turn around and choose another route. The Sons of Svanir control these tunnels.
(If female)
Talk more option tango.png What's this? Why have the Sons of Svanir taken over these tunnels?
Begone, woman. The Sons have nothing to say to you or your fellow skirt-wearing wenches.
Talk end option tango.png The feeling is mutual, scum.
(If male)
Talk more option tango.png Why have you taken over these tunnels?
Whitebear and his two clumsy sons have their Wolfcubs watching our every move. They say we can move about freely, but we know better.
Dignity They watch you for good reason.
Because they find our truth uncomfortable? Because they know our way leads to victory? They watch us for all the wrong reasons.
Talk end option tango.png If you say so.
Ferocity You can't revile someone, then turn around and expect acceptance from them.
Our true enemy is weakness. All Spirits are weak compared to Dragon. Dragon is powerful. More powerful than anything you'll ever know. Unless you seek its favor.
Talk end option tango.png Not my style.
Talk more option tango.png Wolfcubs?
The so-called "Wolfborn." As if Wolf is worth following. All that talk of brotherhood and the pack. Pitiful. Dragon offers the strength that comes from will, not numbers.
Talk end option tango.png Whatever you say.
Talk end option tango.png Nothing. I was simply curious if you could speak.