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Sandy was a cephalolithopathic golem designed by Snaff, and built by Eir Stegalkin. One of Snaff's finest, it was made out of sandstone from the Crystal Desert, and it is said that no asura had ever created anything like it—and no asura could, except perhaps Oola or one of her students. It contained not one powerstone, but millions. A single powerstone was designated for each body part, and then ground into a fine powder. Each grain was a minipowerstone, and they were spread over the whole statue once it was finished. This way, Snaff had power over every inch. Sandy's body was malleable and responded to the pilot's commands. It could reform and repair a very real sense, its form was limited only by the user's imagination.

Sandy was first used by Dragonspawn's Destiny to defeat Edge of Steel in the Lion's Arch arena. It could be hidden in the sand of the arena, and summoned at will to catch foes off-guard. It was later instrumental in the defeat of the Dragonspawn. Sandy's design is what made Snaff realize that the old tale about Glint hiding her lair in a single grain of sand was simply not true—Glint's sanctum, like Sandy, was in all of them. Once this was realized, the cloaking magic eroded.