Melydiod's nectar bar

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Melydiod's nectar bar


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Melydiod's nectar bar was a nectar bar, also referred to as a "fern bar," located in the Eastern Ward area of Lion's Arch, just off The Old Gangplank owned by Host Melydiod. Originally, the establishment was going to be strictly a nectar bar, however the Captain's Council requires a wooden bar and traditional liquor for all taverns in Lion's Arch. Despite the presence of bottles of liquor, none were actually for sale.




Merchant (vendor icon).png Bartender

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Note: The revelers stop by this bar. Visit that page for their dialogue.
Citizen (charr): Hey, twig! Wanna get some food?
Citizen (sylvari): You're asking me?
Citizen (charr): Yeah! We're gonna butcher a cow. It's fun.
Citizen (sylvari): I know I should try new things. Do they sell spring water there?
Citizen (charr): We'll stop off at a spring. And then we're gonna surprise a farmer.
Citizen (sylvari): Yes, that definitely qualifies as something new. I'm in.
Guard (1): You from here?
Guard (2): Nope. I'm from Beetletun. Had some nice cornfields there, until the centaurs came.
Guard (1): Beetletun's not a bad place. It's no Lion's Arch, but it's got a charm of its own.


  • Melydiod's nectar bar is a non-canonical name, and is the only tavern in Lion's Arch that has not been given a formal name.