Ornery Crab

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Ornery Crabs are territorial crabs mostly found along Krytan coasts.


Crystal Desert

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Moves Evasively
  • Blocks
  • Regenerates Health
  • Claw - Melee auto-attack.
  • Pincer Snap - Melee auto-attack used interchangeably with Claw.
  • Block - The crab channels to withdraw into its shell, blocking incoming attacks and gaining Regeneration.png Regeneration. This effect ends after 3 seconds or once 3 attacks have been blocked.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Crabmeat.png Chunk of Crabmeat Trophy Junk 1 45-55, 80
Shell.png Shell Trophy Junk 1-2 21-54


  • Although initially neutral creatures, Ornery Crabs will threaten whenever a player draws near, and after several seconds they will turn aggressive towards anyone still within their range.
  • Threatening ("/threaten" in chat) the crab back will neutralize it back to a Hermit Crab. However, targeting it first before threatening is said to cause the crab to take the threat personally and attack you.
  • The Ornery Crab in Lion's Arch is the only NPC within a city that can be attacked and defeated.