Call of the Wild

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the ranger skill. For the ascended amulet, see Call of the Wild (disambiguation).

Call of the Wild

0.5½ Activation time  30 Recharge time  
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger (skill list)
Weapon slot 5
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Grant fury, might, and swiftness to yourself and nearby allies. Your pet's next few attacks become unblockable.

 Fury.png Fury (6s): 20% Critical Chance
 Fury.png Fury (10s): 20% Critical Chance
 Might.png6 Might (10s): 180 Condition Damage, 180 Power
 Swiftness.png Swiftness (10s): 33% Movement Speed
 Unblockable (effect).png3 Unblockable (5s): Your attacks are unblockable
 Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
 Radius.png Radius: 900
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Blast

— In-game description [?]

An image of a wolf can be seen when cast.

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Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
February 25, 2020 Competitive content update:
  • Skills and traits that grant the unblockable status now use a unified effect. This effect is intensity stacking, and stacks are lost whenever attacks hit or miss. Single strikes that hit multiple foes only consume 1 stack. Skills that grant the unblockable status for a duration have been updated to use a number of stacks instead.
  • This skill now uses the new unblockable effect.
July 16, 2019
  • The unblockable boon provided by this skill now lasts for the next 3 attacks within 5 seconds instead of all attacks within the next 4 seconds.
December 11, 2018
  • This skill's fury duration has been split between game modes and will now use a 6-second duration in PvP while keeping its 10-second duration in other game modes.
October 02, 2018
  • Increased the radius of this skill from 750 to 900.
May 08, 2018
  • Reduced the durations of fury, swiftness, and might granted by this skill from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Might granted by this skill has been increased from 3 stacks to 6 stacks.
November 07, 2017
  • This skill now grants its unblockable enhancement to a ranger in Beastmode.
October 18, 2016
  • This ability now also causes a ranger's pet to become unblockable for the next 4 seconds.
September 29, 2015
  • Updated this skill to grant 3 stacks of might for 15 seconds, increased from 1 stack of might for 15 seconds.
July 28, 2015
  • Increased the radius to 750.
January 27, 2015
  • The cooldown of this skill has been reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds.
April 15, 2014
  • Fixed a bug that caused pets to think that using this skill was a hostile action.
December 10, 2013
  • Removed the unnecessary range fact.
July 23, 2013
  • This skill is now a blast finisher.
November 15, 2012
  • The Wilderness Survival trait Off-Hand Training now applies to this skill.
August 28, 2012 Game release:
  • Call of the Wild has been added to the game.



  1. ^ Three rangers using the skill