Lunar Wolf

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Lunar Wolf

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A Lunar Wolf is a special summoned creature that can be summoned by rangers using three or more Call of the Wild simultaneously. It inherits the guild tag of and follows the character that uses the skill last. The summoned animal will last for 15 seconds unless healed, since it loses health rapidly. As it decays, it will spread dense mist around itself.


  • This animal will not fight.
  • Although only one wolf can be attached to each ranger**, they can individually summon their own, i.e. three rangers can create three wolves.
  • The animal's name will display in blue, as if they were a party member, rather than in green, as normal pets do.
  • Has an internal cooldown of 90 seconds.
  • It is possible to summon more than one Lunar Wolf per ranger if the wolf is kept alive past the internal cooldown to summon another. This has been confirmed to go as high as seven or eight on a single ranger, and may theoretically be higher with enough heals to keep the wolves alive.