Bolt of Cloth

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A Bolt of Cloth is a type of refined crafting material, obtained by refining Cloth Scraps at a crafting station. A bolt may be crafted into insignia, runes or light armor. Like other refined crafting materials, they can be stored in the vault panel, and may be sent to the vault from any location.


The standard recipe for crafting a bolt of cloth is:

1 Bolt of Cloth = 2/3 Cloth Scraps


Bolt Skill Level to refine Scraps used
Bolt of Jute.png Bolt of Jute - 2  Jute Scrap.png Jute Scrap
Bolt of Wool.png Bolt of Wool 75 2  Wool Scrap.png Wool Scrap
Bolt of Cotton.png Bolt of Cotton 150 2  Cotton Scrap.png Cotton Scrap
Bolt of Linen.png Bolt of Linen 225 2  Linen Scrap.png Linen Scrap
Bolt of Silk.png Bolt of Silk 300 3  Silk Scrap.png Silk Scrap
Bolt of Gossamer.png Bolt of Gossamer 400 2  Gossamer Scrap.png Gossamer Scrap