Bottle of Elonian Wine

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Bottle of Elonian Wine.png

Bottle of Elonian Wine

Item type
Mat. storage
Advanced Crafting Materials
Disciplines used by
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Silver coin 13 Copper coin
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Elonian wine, purchased from Miyani in Lions Arch.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Miyani Trader's Forum Lion's Arch 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Mystic Forge Attendant
Camp Resolve
Blue Alpine Garrison
Green Alpine Garrison
Stoic Rampart
Stonemist Castle
Bay of Elon
Noble Ledges
Plaza of Balthazar
Snowblind Peaks
Osprey Pillars
Mistlock Sanctuary
The Silverwastes
Blue Alpine Borderlands
Green Alpine Borderlands
Red Desert Borderlands
Eternal Battlegrounds
Crystal Oasis
Verdant Brink
Divinity's Reach
Gendarran Fields
Ember Bay
Armistice Bastion
25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Mystic Forge Keeper 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin

Used in[edit]

  • Various quantities of Bottles of Elonian Wine are required for mystic forge recipes for feasts and bulk armor containers. See these two respective articles for detailed recipe information - these recipes are quite numerous and have therefore been excluded from the lists below.

Mystic Forge

Item Rarity Ingredients
Charged Core.png Charged Core ERare
Charged Fragment.png Charged Fragment ERare
Charged Lodestone.png Charged Lodestone FExotic
Charged Shard.png Charged Shard ERare
Corrupted Core.png Corrupted Core ERare
Corrupted Fragment.png Corrupted Fragment ERare
Corrupted Lodestone.png Corrupted Lodestone FExotic
Corrupted Shard.png Corrupted Shard ERare
Crystal Core.png Crystal Core ERare
Crystal Fragment.png Crystal Fragment ERare
Crystal Lodestone.png Crystal Lodestone FExotic
Crystal Shard.png Crystal Shard ERare
Destroyer Core.png Destroyer Core ERare
Destroyer Fragment.png Destroyer Fragment ERare
Destroyer Lodestone.png Destroyer Lodestone FExotic
Destroyer Shard.png Destroyer Shard ERare
Glacial Core.png Glacial Core ERare
Glacial Fragment.png Glacial Fragment ERare
Glacial Lodestone.png Glacial Lodestone FExotic
Glacial Shard.png Glacial Shard ERare
Molten Core.png Molten Core ERare
Molten Fragment.png Molten Fragment ERare
Molten Lodestone.png Molten Lodestone FExotic
Molten Shard.png Molten Shard ERare
Onyx Core.png Onyx Core ERare
Onyx Fragment.png Onyx Fragment ERare
Onyx Lodestone.png Onyx Lodestone FExotic
Onyx Shard.png Onyx Shard ERare
Pile of Filthy Essence.png Pile of Filthy Essence ERare
Pile of Foul Essence.png Pile of Foul Essence ERare
Pile of Putrid Essence.png Pile of Putrid Essence FExotic
Pile of Vile Essence.png Pile of Vile Essence ERare

Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Endless Plush Griffon Tonic.png Endless Plush Griffon Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Endless Plush Griffon Tonic)
ERare 400
Endless Princess Doll Tonic.png Endless Princess Doll Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Endless Princess Doll Tonic)
ERare 400
Endless Toy Golem Tonic.png Endless Toy Golem Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Endless Toy Golem Tonic)
ERare 400
Endless Toy Soldier Tonic.png Endless Toy Soldier Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Endless Toy Soldier Tonic)
ERare 400
Endless Toy Ventari Tonic.png Endless Toy Ventari Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Endless Toy Ventari Tonic)
ERare 400
Tonic.png Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic
(Learned from: Recipe: Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic)
FExotic 400

Guild upgrades[edit]

Upgrade Guild Level AetheriumAetherium Favor
Guild Enhancement: Experience Guild Enhancement: Experience 1 50
Guild Enhancement: Karma Guild Enhancement: Karma 1 50
Guild Enhancement: Magic Find Guild Enhancement: Magic Find 14 3,000 300
Guild Enhancement: Map Bonus Guild Enhancement: Map Bonus 13 1,000 300
Guild Enhancement: PvP Reward Boost Guild Enhancement: PvP Reward Boost 7 1,000 150
Guild Enhancement: World Experience Guild Enhancement: World Experience 14 3,000 300
Guild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks Guild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks 7 1,000 150
Guild Hall Monument Decorations Guild Hall Monument Decorations 23 3,000 300
Tavern Restoration 1 Tavern Restoration 1 1 100
Tavern Restoration 2 Tavern Restoration 2 19 5,000 500