Leather Square

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A Leather Square is a type of refined crafting material, obtained by refining Leather Sections at a crafting station. A square may be crafted into light/medium armor and bags.


The standard recipes for making squares of leather is:

1 Leather Square = 2/3/4 Leather Sections


Leather Skill Level to refine Sections used
Stretched Rawhide Leather Square.png Stretched Rawhide Leather Square - 2  Rawhide Leather Section.png Rawhide Leather Section
Cured Thin Leather Square.png Cured Thin Leather Square 75 2  Thin Leather Section.png Thin Leather Section
Cured Coarse Leather Square.png Cured Coarse Leather Square 150 2  Coarse Leather Section.png Coarse Leather Section
Cured Rugged Leather Square.png Cured Rugged Leather Square 225 2  Rugged Leather Section.png Rugged Leather Section
Cured Thick Leather Square.png Cured Thick Leather Square 300 4  Thick Leather Section.png Thick Leather Section
Cured Hardened Leather Square.png Cured Hardened Leather Square 400 3  Hardened Leather Section.png Hardened Leather Section