Clinn Toliver

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Clinn Toliver is an undercover Order of Whispers agent found in Sharn's Free Camp.


Ruins of Orr

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Escort Sharn the Vindictive to retrieve a giant Risen pearl (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Fast Attacks


Swell. You're talking.
Away with you.
You'll be visiting old Grenth soon.
Don't get in my way.
Don't get in my way.


  • Named after Clint Oliver who, along with many other community members, have NPCs in Cursed Shore named after them for their involvement in growing the Guild Wars 2 community while the game was still in development. He was involved with hosting several community events in Guild Wars including MantleCon, The Royal Ascalonian Family Masquerade Ball and Pink Day in LA. Clint was also an editor/writer for GuildMag, as well as one of the 3 hosts of the original GuildMag podcast.