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Hal the Hermit

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Hal the Hermit

Hal the Hermit.jpg

(This NPC's appearance may change randomly.)

Performance Field
(Ember Bay)

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Hal the Hermit is a human found on the cliffs above the Performance Field. He likes Ember Apples and being left alone.

An easy way to reach him is to take the Thermal Tube from Shipwreck Beach, going northwest, use the next one, crossing Performance Field, and enable gliding when it becomes possible. You can glide east to the ledge where Hal is, avoiding any combat.

If you completed the Win the favor of the circus daily Renown Heart you can reach him even quicker by going to the Castaway Circus Waypoint, then talking to Ringmaster Ivy who teleports you high up on the volcano's side. From there you can just simply glide northwest to Hal's ledge.

Otherwise, he can be reached by walking up the stairs in Caliph Steps, or by jumping up the rocks to the south of him.


Ring of Fire


Without an Ember Apple
I was here go away! Everything was fine until you showed up!
Talk end option tango.png Sorry to bother you.
With an Ember Apple
Go away unless you've got something for me to eat.
Talk more option tango.png Here, take my ember apple. (gives apple)
Talk end option tango.png I'm not sharing my apples with you, old man!

Alternate appearances[edit]


  • Bringing Hal 50 Ember Apples will award the Hungry Hal achievement.
  • His age and appearance changes over time. (See above.)
  • The trees that give the apples for the achievement reset once per day per character. That means you can use multiple characters to complete the achievement in a single day.