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Cami was an asura, and a trusted confidant of Taimi. She and Moto were among the few asura whom Taimi let into the Dragon Lab, and helped her test the Virtual Theorem Replicator, currently having the high score there. Taimi put her in charge of "Krewe Taimi", also known as the New Novus Krewe, in 1329 AE. This scouting party was sent to study the Ring of Fire for Primordus's activity in the area alongside Phlunt's bigger krewe.

Upon reaching Ember Bay, Cami helped set up an asura gate connecting to Rata Novus. While exploring the area, she kept journals in which she indicated how the Destroyers she encountered had changed and how the Rising of Orr had altered the archipelago. Cami perished when her scouting party strayed too far from the main outpost, though she was able to fight off the new Destroyer types long enough for the krewe member Windall to retreat to Rata Novus to alert the asura there of what had happened.

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