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Vermignus is a large powerful Lava Wurm living inside the Fractured Caldera that poses a huge threat to the asuran team conducting research there.


Ring of Fire

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Protect the energy relays to help Smoosh-a-Tron defeat Vermignus (80)

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Lava Geyser - Ranged attack that creates several small AoEs that deal damage and apply burning from eruptions similar to Lava Font.
  • Spin - Melee attack that knocks back.
  • Spit - Ranged attack that causes poisoned and deals very high damage. Used on players just out of melee range.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Volcanic Scale.png Volcanic Scale Trophy FExotic 1
  • The Volcanic Scale trophy only drops if the Ember Bay Master collection is unlocked.