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March 26, 2019

Update 2 — March 26, 2019[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 95,981

Late Notes — March 26, 2019[edit]

World vs. World[edit]


  • The stealth effect can no longer be applied to players mounted on warclaws.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Mounting the warclaw while being stealthed removes the stealth, trying to stealth while being mounted will display Immune instead.

Update — March 26, 2019[edit]

Super Adventure Festival[edit]

Moto's world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again when the Super Adventure Festival kicks off on March 28! Explore two worlds of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn holographic weapons and a variety of loot. Travelers can visit the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum, and temporary portals have been placed in each major city to facilitate easy travel to the scenic hub of asuran culture!

  • Festivities begin on March 28 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) and continue until April 18 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).
  • New adventures have been added to each zone! Look for adventure flags and their racing attendants to embark on a timed coin hunt.
  • Two new achievements have been added to unlock new tool upgrades. Seek out hidden secrets and trade items with the denizens of the Super Adventure Box to earn your way up to the powerful mega bomb and stunning boomerang!
  • A new vendor has been added for the duration of the festival in Rata Sum, trading a limited supply of valuable prizes each week! The inventory will be restocked when weekly rewards reset, so be sure to spend your Bauble Bubbles before 12:30 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) each Monday.
  • New Super Adventure Box–themed guild decorations have been added! Rebuild your guild hall with the daunting cliff faces of Storm Top!

Moto's Bug-Fix List[edit]

  • To allow adventurers to earn the Crimson Assassin Backpack Cover faster, it is now sold by the Super Adventure Box Trader. The achievement that rewarded it, The Crimson Assassin, will now reward an ascended-quality version of the Super Assassin Backpack.
  • Wind effects in World 2, Zone 3 have been improved and now move the player at a steady rate rather than knocking them backward.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Super Adventure Box rewards vendors to sometimes swap positions.
  • Updated the descriptions when entering World 1 and World 2 to state that their adventures are appropriate for 1 to 5 adventurers.
  • Fixed areas where players could take damage from toxic water while standing on safe terrain.
  • Fixed areas where players could stand in rapid water without being moved.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause two copies of a Cage boss to appear.
  • Reduced the number of pointing hands in some sections of Infantile Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Infantile Mode achievements to stop progressing in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some text boxes from properly displaying.

World Polish[edit]

Across Guild Wars 2, gear has been through countless changes and iterations. Generally we've sought to improve the player experience and smoothness of bag management so that more active gameplay can take center stage. With the Path of Fire™ expansion, several rarities of unidentified gear were added to the game to replace the reward supply of uncommon, masterwork, and rare drops. Today's release rolls out the unidentified gear reward system to the rest of Tyria.

There are three major goals that we hope to achieve with these changes. First, we want to separate regional drops more clearly, so players get jungle loot in the jungle, desert loot in the desert, and so on. Secondly, we want to make unidentified gear worth equal value to all players, and not worth more to players with higher magic-find potential. And last, but definitely not least, we hope to improve the play experience by reducing the number of times players need to stop and deal with full bags!

  • Updated level-80 rewards in most areas of the game to drop unidentified gear instead of common, masterwork, or rare items. Some items that are only available in certain areas or tied to specific content will still drop directly.
  • Removed the chance to acquire Eyes of Kormir, Congealed Putrescence, and Pulsing Brandsparks when salvaging unidentified gear. These will now drop occasionally as loot from creatures in the Crystal Desert instead.
  • Magic find no longer affects the identification of unidentified gear.
  • Significantly reduced the chances of acquiring rare Sunspear weapons from pieces of rare unidentified gear.
  • Added fine and masterwork Reclaimed weapons to the pool of items available from fine and masterwork unidentified gear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused several crafting materials to appear as though they had discoverable recipes remaining when they did not.


  • The right-click menu for legendary equipment will now include the Select Stats option while the item is equipped.


Profession Skills[edit]


  • Healing Rain.png Healing Rain: Fixed a tooltip bug in which this skill displayed a radius of 450 instead of the actual effective radius of 480.


  • Gyros: Fixed some tooltip display issues.
  • Blast Gyro.png Blast Gyro: Fixed a bug that prevented Shocking Speed from granting superspeed on the final tick of Blast Gyro.
  • Bulwark Gyro.png Bulwark Gyro: Fixed a bug that allowed this skill to redirect damage from inanimate objects. Reduced the barrier granted by this skill by 33% in PvP.
  • Sneak Gyro.png Sneak Gyro: Reduced the stealth granted by this skill from 3 seconds per pulse to 1.5 seconds per pulse in PvP and WvW.



  • Herald of Sorrow.png Herald of Sorrow: Fixed a bug that caused boons to be corrupted into conditions when using the skill Manifest Sand Shade while this trait was equipped.
  • Sandstorm Shroud.png Harbinger Shroud: Removed an unnecessary skill fact for number of pulses. This skill now appropriately corrupts boons upon detonation.


  • Spirit Skills: Fixed a bug in which the ranger's active spirit skills reverted to their original skills if the spirits were kept alive long enough.
  • Soulbeast: Fixed a bug that allowed a ranger to merge with their pet and use a different pet simultaneously.



  • Silent Scope.png Silent Scope: Fixed an issue that caused this trait to display the incorrect stealth duration values in PvP and WvW.


  • Winds of Disenchantment.png Winds of Disenchantment: This skill now strikes enemies within its radius on its pulse and reveals the spellbreaker for its duration.

Structured Player vs. Player[edit]

World vs. World[edit]

  • Battle Maul.png Superior Battle Maul: This skill now prioritizes finishing downed enemies before inflicting damage on nearby targets.
  • Battle Maul.png Battle Maul and Battle Maul.png Superior Battle Maul no longer add bleeding to affected enemies.
  • Players no longer jump when dismounting the warclaw.
  • Players must now unlock the Warclaw Companion achievement collection to unlock the Warclaw Reward Track.
  • Reduced the collision of the warclaw slightly to ensure it can go through certain doorways.
  • Updated the tooltips on the warclaw skills Battle Maul and Superior Battle Maul to reflect the proper targets and damage.
  • Players can now mount up in the rooms containing boxes required for the Perfect Fit achievement.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 95,963
  • The removal of jump from the warclaw dismount also affects PvE.
  • The repeatable version of the "Not on the Guest List" achievement has been renamed to "Officially Uninvited".