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Reclaimed weapons

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Reclaimed weapons

Loot weapons
Req. level
October 23, 2015

Reclaimed weapons are a set of weapon skins introduced in Heart of Thorns.

Reclaimed weapons can be salvaged for Reclaimed Metal Plates which are used as currency for Plated weapons. A Reclaimed Metal Plate is a rare salvage from Fine and Masterwork variants, and is a guaranteed salvage from Rare variants.


Gathered from[edit]

Dropped by[edit]

Contained in[edit]

Variant summary[edit]

  • The Rare variants can select from every stat prefix.
  • Fine and Masterwork variants are only available with a Shaman's prefix.


Item Type Skin link
Main hand
Reclaimed Axe.pngReclaimed Axe Axe
Reclaimed Dagger.pngReclaimed Dagger Dagger
Reclaimed Mace.pngReclaimed Mace Mace
Reclaimed Pistol.pngReclaimed Pistol Pistol
Reclaimed Scepter.pngReclaimed Scepter Scepter
Reclaimed Sword.pngReclaimed Sword Sword
Off hand
Reclaimed Focus.pngReclaimed Focus Focus
Reclaimed Shield.pngReclaimed Shield Shield
Reclaimed Torch.pngReclaimed Torch Torch
Reclaimed Warhorn.pngReclaimed Warhorn Warhorn
Reclaimed Greatsword.pngReclaimed Greatsword Greatsword
Reclaimed Hammer.pngReclaimed Hammer Hammer
Reclaimed Longbow.pngReclaimed Longbow Longbow
Reclaimed Rifle.pngReclaimed Rifle Rifle
Reclaimed Short Bow.pngReclaimed Short Bow Short bow
Reclaimed Staff.pngReclaimed Staff Staff



  • The prices displayed below are for the Rare variant.
Item Trading post
Buy Sell
Reclaimed Axe.pngReclaimed Axe
Reclaimed Dagger.pngReclaimed Dagger
Reclaimed Focus.pngReclaimed Focus
Reclaimed Greatsword.pngReclaimed Greatsword
Reclaimed Hammer.pngReclaimed Hammer
Reclaimed Longbow.pngReclaimed Longbow
Reclaimed Mace.pngReclaimed Mace
Reclaimed Pistol.pngReclaimed Pistol
Reclaimed Rifle.pngReclaimed Rifle
Reclaimed Scepter.pngReclaimed Scepter
Reclaimed Shield.pngReclaimed Shield
Reclaimed Short Bow.pngReclaimed Short Bow
Reclaimed Staff.pngReclaimed Staff
Reclaimed Sword.pngReclaimed Sword
Reclaimed Torch.pngReclaimed Torch
Reclaimed Warhorn.pngReclaimed Warhorn


  • Reclaimed weapons were formerly called Makeshift weapons during the Heart of Thorns beta.