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Istari the Inexorable

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You cannot kill the dead!

Istari the Inexorable

Istari the Inexorable is a powerful Awakened serving Palawa Joko. On his command, she intercepted a supply ship sent by Pact Marshal Thackeray from Central Tyria and infected all people onboard with the Scarab Plague. She then led the ship to its intended destination in the Free City of Amnoon and unleashed the infected on the city only to be thwarted by Aurene who stopped the plague from spreading. Istari fought against the Pact Commander at the docks for Joko's amusement and was felled after a fierce clash.

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Knocks Down Foes
  • Re-Awakens Allies
  • Tar Attacks

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Black Hammer -
  • Empower -
  • Massive Blow -
  • Smashing Spin -
  • Smashing Swing -
  • Tar Fissure -

Related achievements[edit]