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Detective Rama is a bladesworn who has a mentee-mentor relationship with Minister Li Ha-Eung in the Ministry of Security.[1] As a Kurzick descendant he comes from humble beginnings and wants the best for Cantha, but his unorthodox methods and snarky attitude often make him butt heads with authorities, including his childhood friend Precinct Captain Cho Min.


Early years[edit]

Rama spent his youth in the dilapidated streets of Grub Lane in New Kaineng City with his father and grandmother, growing up alongside his childhood friend Cho Min with whom he shared a secret knock whenever they visited one another. While he and Min remain close, his relationship with his father appears estranged, with Rama describing him as being "a bit much" and preferring to avoid him. He shared a better relation with his grandmother who would often tell him stories about their ancestral roots as the Kurzick zu Heltzers, although he dismissed them as tall tales.

He later joined the Ministry of Security with Min and found a mentor in Minister Li Ha-Eung, who recognized his merits despite Rama's sordid background. During his training, Rama also became acquainted with Technician Mogi, whom he continued to have skirmishes with to the present day. Rama eventually became a detective working for the ministry, while Min became the Captain of the East Precinct who would oversee the safety of the citizens of New Kaineng City. She tried to invite Rama over for sushi at Nika's Blade, but Rama refused the offers time and time again.[2]

End of Dragons[edit]

Act I[edit]

Rama observes the shipwrecked Pact Commander.

After the Pact Commander and their asuran companion Gorrik crashed with Captain Mai Trin's Aetherblade fleet into Seitung Province in 1845 CC (1335 AE, Detective Rama discovered the Commander's unconscious body washed up on a beach. With Gorrik in tow, the Commander was brought to Seitung Prison to be nursed back to health and to be interrogated.

Once the Commander regained consciousness in prison days later, Rama freed them and Gorrik from custody after their release had been negotiated by Krytan ambassador Lady Kasmeer Meade. The detective claimed that the Commander washing up on the shore had left him with a "crap-ton of paperwork", which he was disgruntled about. The two outsiders were made to sign release forms and their equipment was returned to them before Rama informed them that they were in Cantha, and that the Krytan ambassador was waiting for them in the prison courtyard. As the prisoners were being escorted, Gorrik expressed curiosity at the sight of a jade security mech, and Rama admitted that he himself struggled to keep up with all of the new technology that modern Cantha produced.

In the prison courtyard, Rama was approached by Minister Li after their conversation with the Commander. The minister inquired about Rama's assigned investigation into the Aetherblade terrorists on the island, to which the detective informed him that he had been forced to neglect the case to handle their "guest of honor". Rama assured the Li that he would refocus on the case as soon as his current responsibilities were concluded.

Before the Commander and Gorrik could be fully released from custody, they needed to have medical forms signed by Rama once they had proved that they were physically healthy enough to survive on their own. At the monastery training grounds, Rama oversaw the completion of a series of training exercises to be undertaken by the outsiders. The detective was pleased once the Commander and Gorrik passed their training, expressing relief that he was finally free to continue his investigation into the Aetherblades. The Commander informed him that they also shared an interest in stopping the Aetherblades, and attempted to solicit the detective to share any information that he had gathered. Rama denied the request, bluntly announcing that he was not authorised to share classified documents, and that if the Commander desired access to them, they would require approval from a much higher jurisdiction than himself.

Once the Commander had obtained authorization from Empress Ihn to investigate the Aetherblades, Detective Rama interrupted the communications call between the Dragon's Watch members to inform them that they had permission to access whatever information they needed at his MinSec office. When the guild members expressed surprise at the detective having access to what they thought was a secure call, he informed them that their primitive communications frequency was open and unprotected in Cantha.

The classified information obtained from browsing the files in Rama's office proved to be crucial to the Commander's efforts in finding the Zen Daijun Aetherblade hideout and apprehending Mai Trin, as it detailed identifying symbols that the Aetherblades use to mark their hideout locations.

Act II[edit]

Detective Rama provided further aid to the Commander by assisting them through the turmoil of Cantha's bureaucratic system. In order to travel to New Kaineng and continue their pursuit of the Aetherblades now headed by Mai Trin's treacherous First Mate Ankka, the Commander was forced to apply for and wait for approval on transit papers to avoid further upsetting the Canthan government.

Presented with an indeterminate document processing time, the Commander decided to contact Detective Rama on their communicator and ask if there was anything the Commander could do to assist around Shing Jea while they waited. Rama was taken aback by their offer, and expressed appreciation for their assistance. While the Commander helped around the island, Rama used his social connections within the Ministry of Transport in order to expedite the paperwork process, allowing the Commander to quickly resume their journey to New Kaineng.

Act III[edit]

After the incident at the Yong Reactor, Rama was ordered by Minister Li to apprehend the Commander. He met with Navan, who had her own orders from the Empress and had set up a meeting with the Commander at the Nika's Blade restaurant. During the meeting, the Commander managed to convince Rama of their innocence, but the talks were interrupted by Captain Fa, who was ordered by Joon to arrest the Commander on behalf of Xunlai Jade. The Commander either convinced Captain Fa to leave peacefully, or defeated him in combat—in the latter case, Rama fought on the Commander's side, partially because he believed in the Commander's innocence, and partially because he wanted to "knock Fa's teeth in for a while". Afterwards, he decided to keep an eye on the Commander by joining the search for Soo-Won, and went ahead with Navan to clear the path to Arborstone.

Near the gates to Arborstone, Rama shared the story of his partial zu Heltzer heritage in the face of the ancient Kurzick fortress. He then assisted in investigating what happened at Arborstone and fighting the Void creatures and the Shade of Ishan. Afterwards, he was witness to Navan's transformation into Kuunavang, whom he recognized immediately. During the brief respite that followed, he shared more of his experiences of being part Kurzick with the Commander, and the discrimination he faced as a result of his heritage.

As the Commander and his allies got in contact with the Kestrels and settled down in Arborstone, Rama started working with Ayumi against the Jade Brotherhood and the Speakers, and shared information about both groups with the Commander, expressing regret that he didn't know of the Kestrels' existence sooner. He then met with the Commander at Mori Village after the latter had infiltrated the gangs, and shared that Gorrik and Ivan have managed to reverse-engineer the transporter they found and track the airship it was from—a lead the Commander proceeded to follow, thus obtaining an airship and new allies.

Rama was with the Commander when the airship was used to lure in Ankka, insisting that she be detained instead of killed, so that she could be presented as evidence to exonerate the Commander before Minister Li. He participated in the fight against Ankka and her minions, in the aftermath of which both she and the Extractor were unfortunately lost. However, the core of the Extractor remained, and it carried Aurene's magical signature. Determining that it was sufficient evidence, Rama prepared to bring it to Minister Li at MinSec HQ, and the Commander decided to accompany him.

Act IV[edit]

Act V[edit]

The Battle for the Jade Sea
What Lies Beneath

After the battle at Dragon's End, Rama retired from his post as a detective under MinSec and hosted a party at the Red Duck Tea House, inviting old and new friends to the reunion. While briefly disheartened by the poor attendance- barring Gorrik and the Commander- he was once more swept into another investigation at the behest of Gorrik, who had established the Friends Detective Agency (to Rama's bewilderment), at Gyala Delve after hearing about a concerning situation from Taimi involving the Jade Brotherhood.

Deep Research
What Lies Within

When the Commander headed off with the Recollector to charge it, Rama agreed to be part of the backup team. If the Commander chose to relive memories of Aurene, Rama joined them at the Inner Chamber of Tarir, where Aurene hatched. The two of them discussed how it felt to lose someone you cared about.

After everyone regrouped at the mine, the team searched through Brotherhood supplies for something that could help seal the passage behind the demon. Rama was less than pleased to find an ancient Kurzick rune ("acquired" from the Speakers) among those supplies. Chul-Moo agreed to let the team use it, and Rama and the Commander made a quick visit to Arborstone. The Historical Society Steward was able to teach Rama how to channel the rune's power in a sealing ritual.

Rune in hand, Rama joined the group heading deep into the jade mine. The demon recognized Rama's ability to channel the sealing ritual as a threat, and targeted him. Rama never described his hallucinations, but they apparently used memories of Minister Li to attack Rama's mind. The Commander was able to help Rama refocus.

The team moved up the passage, pursued by the demon, sealing the way behind it. Once on the surface and safely away from the ley line the demon had been feeding on, they were able to defeat it, using positive memories to block its hallucinations. Rama called up a memory of himself and his childhood friend Min before they started training at the Ministry of Security.

At some point after that battle, Rama invited Min to dinner at the Red Duck Tea House. As the time of the dinner grew closer, Rama's nerves got the better of him. He contacted the Commander, Gorrik, and Taimi, to make it a larger party. Despite the nerves, the dinner went well. Min and Rama agreed that the next time they met for dinner, it would just be the two of them.

Story involvement[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Swift Cut Swift Cut - Chain. Slash your foe, then fire off a ranged shot. Foes hit by the initial attack take less damage from the follow-up shot.
    • Redirect Arrow.png Steel Divide Steel Divide - Chain. Swing your gunsaber and fire a second shot. Foes hit by the initial attack take less damage from the follow-up shot.
      • Redirect Arrow.png Explosive Thrust Explosive Thrust - Chain. Hit your foe with a final, brutal stab, and fire a shot that causes a secondary explosion. Foes hit by the initial attack take less damage from the follow-up shot.
  • Cyclone Trigger Cyclone Trigger - Spin and block enemy projectiles. Strikes all foes in melee range, and then fires shots at foes out of melee range.
  • Break Step Break Step - Lunge forward with explosive force, damaging enemies at your starting position.
  • Dragon Slash—Force Dragon Slash—Force - Burst. Slash foes in front of you, ending Dragon Trigger. This attack consumes all charges to deal more damage.
  • Dragon Slash—Reach Dragon Slash—Reach - Burst. Slash to create a blade of air that strikes foes in a line in front of you, ending Dragon Trigger. This attack consumes all charges to deal more damage.


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