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Stop the Branded Mender from collecting magic for Kralkatorrik

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Stop the Branded Mender from collecting magic for Kralkatorrik

Event maps
Branded Mender and Collectors.jpg

Champion Branded Mender and Collectors

Stop the Branded Mender from collecting magic for Kralkatorrik is a level 80 group event that occurs in each large area of the map - one in the Burning Forest, one in the Underworld, and one in Melandru's Lost Domain. In each, the NPC begins at the camp in that area, and moves to a place near where the area borders Dragon's Causeway. There, the group will encounter a Champion Branded Mender channeling magic from three Magic Collectors.



Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma.png 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma.png 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Escort the NPC from the camp to the valley between the Brandstorm disruptors near Dragon's Causeway. Once you are there, destroy the 3 Magic Collectors. Once all 3 collectors have been destroyed, the Champion Branded Mender becomes targetable.







Crystal Bloom Camp[edit]

Before the event
Crystal Bloom Knight: By order of Spearmarshal Zaeim, I have been tasked to hunt down and slay a Branded creature outside our camp.
Starting the event
Crystal Bloom Knight: I will accept any and all help in taking it down. It aims to heal Kralkatorrik with any magic it finds.
Crystal Bloom Knight: The spearmarshal wants this thing dead. We will not disappoint him.
Encountering event enemies
Crystal Bloom Knight: Enemies ahead! Attack!
Crystal Bloom Knight: Looks like we're not the only things on the prowl out here. Be on your guard.
Encountering the Branded Mender and Magic Collectors
Crystal Bloom Knight: It's stealing that magic for Kralkatorrik! We can't let it get away!
Crystal Bloom Knight: Those collectors--hurry, destroy them!
Collector destroyed
Crystal Bloom Knight: One less collector to worry about!
Crystal Bloom Knight: Another collector! It's weakening!
After destroying the Branded Mender
Crystal Bloom Knight: The spearmarshal will be glad to hear this creature has been dispatched. At least until another takes its place.

Olmakhan Camp[edit]

Before the event
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Nature favor you, friends. I need a few extra claws to hunt a Branded beast. It aims to heal Kralkatorrik.
Olmakhan Lifebinder: It's an elusive catch, but I think with us hunting together, we may stand a chance.
Starting the event
Olmakhan Lifebinder: All I know is that we can't let it heal the Crystal Dragon. Come, let's find this thing and end it.
En route to target
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Do you feel that? The magic around us is...different now. The dragon's mender must be close!
Olmakhan Lifebinder: There's a trail leading this way. A faint aura of magic. I think it's our quarry.
Encountering event enemies
Olmakhan Lifebinder: These beasts are trying to throw us off the trail. It won't work!
Encountering the Branded Mender and Magic Collectors
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Look, there! It's pulling magic into itself—drinking it, like water!
Collector destroyed
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Good shot! It won't last long without its magic!
Olmakhan Lifebinder: You see? The magic is freed! The creature weakens!
After destroying the Branded Mender
Olmakhan Lifebinder: Nature be praised. Our hunt is successful.

Mist Warden Camp[edit]

Before the event
Mist Warden Ranger: Fellow warriors! I need brave volunteers for a mission of great importance.
Starting the event
Mist Warden Ranger: Kralkatorrik has unleashed one of his menders. Its job: to heal the Crystal Dragon using magic from the Mists.
Mist Warden Ranger: But it will not succeed under our watch. Form up. We're going on a little hunt.
After destroying the Branded Mender
Mist Warden Ranger: It's done. We've all struck a blow against Kralkatorrik today. Now, let's return to the others.