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Mal is a cub of the Olmakhan tribe found in the Sandswept Isles, just south of the renown heart NPC.


Crystal Desert


Oh, hello! It's you again. Wanna play? And does your dragon wanna play too?
Talk more option tango.png Actually, I'm here about Aurene. (If Good, Better, Nest is active)
Oh, right, the letter. I heard. I can help! But first I have to finish my chores. That's the rule. (Before completing Atholma Farms)
Talk end option tango.png I'll give you a hand.
Yes! I heard the Elders reading that letter. Not that they've got any good ideas. (After completing Atholma Farms)
Talk more option tango.png But you do?
Before we get to effigies, we make sand dolls. I finished this one while you were doing my chores. They always made me feel safe. Maybe your dragon will feel the same way.
Talk end option tango.png You're the best.
Talk end option tango.png Another time.

Related achievements[edit]