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The Hunting Grounds

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The Hunting Grounds

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The Hunting Grounds map.jpg
Map of The Hunting Grounds

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Sandswept Isles
(Crystal Desert)
Connects to
Tyrulu Sea (E)
The Ruined Paths (SE)
Atholma (SW)
Chukara Sea (W)

The Hunting Grounds.jpg

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The Hunting Grounds is an area used by the Olmakhan tribe for hunting.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png The Hunting Grounds (80)
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Ewyn's Retreat
Point of interest (map icon).png Greytear Falls
Point of interest (map icon).png Olma's Legacy
Point of interest (map icon).png Skycavern Burial Grounds
Vista (map icon).png The Hunting Grounds Vista —
Mastery Insights
Crystal Desert mastery point Sandswept Isles Insight: The Hunting Grounds





Renown Heart (map icon).png Tarra


Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the entrance to Atholma
Olmakhan Nightwalker (1): Really? You expect me to believe that?
Olmakhan Nightwalker (2): It's true! Old Stonehoof is out there!
Olmakhan Nightwalker (1): A gazelle that defeated an entire hunting squad. With eyes that glowed with magical energy. Right.
Olmakhan Nightwalker (2): Laugh all you want. I know it's true.
At Ewyn's Retreat
Siriol: Forgive yourself, Ewyn. You are home. You have laid us to rest.
Lola: We were honored to fight by your side.
Zephra: You don't have to carry our memories by yourself, Ewyn.
Raast: Whispers of our adventures still echo in Elona. We're not forgotten.
Siriol: I don't regret it, you know. Not one minute.
Siriol: Sunsets splashing purples and magentas over shimmering dunes.
Siriol: Befriending humans—who'd have thought! And fighting by your side.
Siriol: I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Zephra: It wasn't your fault, Ewyn.
Lola: None of us saw it coming.
Raast: A blur of scales, a flash of teeth—
Lola: It could've been any of us.
Ewyn: But it wasn't! It was all of you that paid the price. I did nothing but run.
Siriol: We bought you time. You survived.
Zephra: We know you would have done the same for us if we were the ones on high ground.
Ewyn: I...I miss you all.
At Olma's Legacy
Olmakhan Cub: And so, Olma escaped the Flame Legion.
Olmakhan Cub: And as Kalla advanced, the unsheathed sword cleaving against the flame of tyranny...
Olmakhan Cub: Olma helped the others escape, a steadfast shield of the people.
Olmakhan Sandshifter: By the ancestors, cub, how can you sound so bored!
Olmakhan Cub: That's ancient history! Can I go play "Sand Monster and Heroes" yet?
Olmakhan Sandshifter: Olma is the reason you know how to call the sand.
Olmakhan Cub: Really? Okay, that's actually pretty cool.
West of Olma's Legacy, on the cliffs
Olmakhan Sandshifter: The far side of the island has grown dangerous.
Olmakhan Lifebinder: How so?
Olmakhan Sandshifter: The hydra Starcaller is more aggressive than ever. Someone should take care of that thing.
At Skycavern Burial Grounds
Glaw: I can't believe it. An elder, slain.
Eres: It's been many generations since we paid the cost of war.
Glaw: He acted without hesitation. Gave his life to save the others.
Eres: His blood won't have been spilled in vain.
Teg: Yesterday she yelled at me for leaving muddy paw prints on the linens. Today...she's gone.
Hefin: I'm so sorry, little one.
Teg: It's not fair.
Hefin: No, it's not. But take comfort—she has joined the ancestors.
Teg: But I want her here now.

Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Difluorite Crystals.png Difluorite Crystals
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Orichalcum Ore
Mine resource (map icon).png Rich Mithril Vein
Wood resource (map icon).png Eerie Driftwood
Wood resource (map icon).png Ancient Sapling
Wood resource (map icon).png Baoba Sapling
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Flax
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils
Plant resource (map icon).png Passiflora


  • On the western cliff overlooking the Chukara Sea, there is a small non-targetable Fox kit wandering and jumping around.
  • Standing in the grass in the area will give you Stealth.png Stealth.