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Elder Dorran

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It's clear you're strong, outlander. If you have the time, I hope you will lend that strength to our villagers in need.

Elder Dorran

Elder Dorran is one of the leaders of the Olmakhan tribe. He resides in Atholma.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Groundwork Gouge Groundwork Gouge - Swipe past your foe's defenses, exposing their vulnerability.
    • Leading Swipe Leading Swipe - Rake your dagger across your foe, leaving them bleeding.
      • Skyward Slash Skyward Slash - Slash across your foe, poisoning them.
  • Muddy Terrain Muddy Terrain - Survival. Use mud to cripple, slow, and immobilize foes.
  • Primal Cry Primal Cry - Beast. Tap into your primal essence and unleash a debilitating roar.
  • Stalker's Strike Stalker's Strike - Stab and poison your foe while evading attacks. This attack deals increased damage and poison against movement-impaired foes.
  • Worldly Impact Worldly Impact - Beast. Jump up and slam the ground beneath you, severely damaging nearby foes.