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Disambig icon.png This article is about the in-game support panel. For the character role of supporting other characters, see Support.
Main Support panel (default)
Bug Report Support panel

Support icon.png The Support panel allows communications with the Guild Wars 2 Support Team to report bugs, exploits, and other issues. This panel can be opened through the game menu.


  • Support panel main icon.png Main: directs players to places to contact support or report issues.
    • Known Issues: Please visit our support forums to see if what you're experiencing is a known issue and is being fixed.
    • Report a Bug: Submit a bug directly to the GW2 Development Team. Please be aware that we cannot provide individual responses but your bug will be reviewed by a team member who may contact you if additional information is required.
    • Contact Customer Support: For billing, payment, or other account-related issues.
  • Support panel bug report icon.png Bug Report: allows players to submit a report with detailed information and screenshot if necessary. Reports are divided into multiple areas and sub-areas of content.

Bug Report options[edit]


  • The chat commands "/bug" or "/support" will open this panel.
  • Account and character information are automatically included with each submission.
  • Reports can also be submitted through support tickets.

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