Reach the finish line! (Diessa Plateau)

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Reach the finish line!

Noxin Dells
(Diessa Plateau)
Event type
Event dialogue (map icon).png
Dynamic event
Given by
Roller Beetle Race Master
Preceded by
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A race is starting soon!
Event maps
Ghostfire Run.jpg

Reach the finish line! is a mount race event that starts at Noxin Dells and uses the Ghostfire Run track.


  • Total racers finished: x
  • The race will end in: 9:00


The Ghostfire Run track

You have to finish 3 laps to complete the race.

One possible consistent sequence to attain gold on this race is the following:

  • Begin the race with an immediate boost between the lamppost and stump, making sure to collect the first boost orb between the first and second course marker.
  • After navigating through the second course marker (around the turn in the road), boost again up the hill as soon as you're lined up with the next race marker.
  • Continue through the markers in as straight a line as possible.
  • Begin a sharp left drift as you pass through the race marker before the lumber pile.
  • After making it through the downed tree area (one marker past the lumber pile), boost again taking care to not hit any of the trees in the forest.
  • Be sure to avoid the center wall in the double staircase at Old Holtimm Abbey.
  • Jump through the window, avoiding the rubble in the center of the window.
  • Drift through the next race marker, boosting as soon as you are pointed at the following marker.
  • Be careful with the next corner (the 3 markers around the tree). This one is easy to over- or under-correct, which will stall your speed.
  • Boost as soon as you collect the next boost orb, aim for the right side of the gap to get the least airtime possible.
  • Drift in a hard-right turn as soon as you make contact with the ground. It is possible to clip through the edge of the rubble pile without losing much speed.
  • Be sure to ramp up the left side of the hole after the boost orb. If you go through the central steeper hill, you will jump over the next checkpoint and have to backtrack.
  • Do a sharp right-left S drift through the next two checkpoints.
  • Once again, continue as straight as possible through the next few checkpoints, avoiding obstacles. Your boost should be available after passing the second post S-drift race marker.
    • If you have the Bond of Vigor mastery, it is best to use this in this zone as you can get a decent double boost, minimizing the speed loss on the following hill.
    • Do not boost after the downhill point just beyond Blasted Moors Waypoint, as there is a sharp u-turn coming up and the speed will be wasted. It is better to save the boost for after the drifting turn.
  • Do a sharp left drift, avoiding the rocks on the left (they will knock you in the air and shoot you off the course).
  • Boost down the road, taking as straight a line as possible. There are a few lampposts and trees to avoid through the next few markers, but they are fairly clear to avoid.
  • When going through the race markers around the wall east of Nageling Waypoint, try to take the path between the trees and the wall. This is smoother and gives a better line going into the finish line.
  • Repeat two more times.



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