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FTT 101-107 Core Turret Dynamics

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The correct title of this article is [FTT 101-107] Core Turret Dynamics. The substitution or omission of the [ ] is because of technical restrictions.

[FTT 101-107] Core Turret Dynamics is a Long Live the Lich achievement that involves collecting schematics that will unlock the ability to configure Field Tech Turrets to various types. Speak to Krewe Leader Drazz in southwest Allied Encampment near the Zelbahn Garrison to get started.


[FTT 101-107] Core Turret Dynamics Long Live the Lich 3Achievement points
Find enough schematic scraps off of Awakened Inquest to complete all seven turret types.
Prerequisite: [FTT 100] Intro to Field Tech Turret Dynamics

Studied 35 FTT Core Dynamics 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


  • Each completed schematic Drazz assembles for you will unlock the ability to configure Field Tech Turrets to that type.
  • Drazz will begin selling [FTT] Deployment Kits after assembling at least one schematic; he will give you the first one for free.

Related achievements[edit]

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  • FTT 30x Intermediate Dynamics (Level 3)
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