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Domain of Kourna Insight: Dabiji Hollows

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Domain of Kourna Insight: Dabiji Hollows

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Domain of Kourna Insight: Dabiji Hollows is a mastery insight in the Domain of Kourna.


Crystal Desert

Getting there[edit]

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Head east from the Waypoint (map icon).png Allied Encampment Waypoint over the bridge. Continue directly east off the path, down into the dry riverbed and into the cave entrance, which is underneath a second bridge.

Springer path 1[edit]

For this path you need a springer with the High Vault mastery.

Enter the cave with the mastery point. With reference to the thumbnail below:

  1. Walk up to the wall on the northeast side (opposite the mastery point) - red heart marker
  2. Use the springer to jump up to the first small ledge - purple circle marker
  3. Rotate the camera to the right and look up. Opposite the mastery insight (the nameplate of which is just visible), there is a ledge. Using the springer, jump to it, this may take a few attempts - green arrow marker
  4. You are now just below and opposite the mastery insight, however ignore it, and turn left whilst still on the springer. Hop to the closest ledge on the left - blue square marker
  5. Dismount, and continue counter-clockwise around the ledges on foot to reach the mastery insight.

Springer path 2[edit]

There is an alternative way to get there with the springer. Starting on your springer at the southernmost point of the cave (southeast of the insight), jump onto the low rocks to the south. Then, jump onto a high sandstone ledge to the north, in the roof of the cave. If you're having trouble making it in one jump, jump to the middle ledge to the east, then north. At the north end of the sandstone ledge, you will see a small vertical gap on the rock above you. This gap is quite hard to get through - try the approaches below and see which works best for you:

  • Try a running jump on foot, trying different angles and approaches until you make it.
  • Mount your springer, jump and at the same time use the dismount skill 1 against the wall on the right, then glide through the gap.
  • Mount your jackal, blink V towards the gap, and immediately dismount by using Bond of Faith, while the jackal is still blinking.

Once you're through, you'll find yourself on a large ledge opposite the mastery insight. Glide or use your raptor's leap to cross the gap. Alternatively, if you have neither of those, jump counterclockwise around the ledges (be careful as some of the ledges are quite slippery).

Griffon path[edit]

Go to Vista (map icon).png Dabiji Hollows Vista, outside the cave and north of the insight. Fly east and south a bit, then turn around to face west, towards the cave entrance. Dive V towards the entrance, levelling out as you near the top of the entrance. Make sure not to run into anything or you'll lose your momentum, which you need to reach the insight. Just as you near the insight on your map, climb C, turning north as you do, to pull up into the alcove where it is. Once you're up, turn south for the final approach to the insight.

This can be tricky so it's useful to have some sort of visual aid to help; traps or squad markers, for example, placed on the floor of the cave (just before the insight itself so you have room to climb). If you don't pull up in time, try to spiral around and land on the outcropping with the insight - there's plenty of room up there.

Skyscale path[edit]

Go into the cave entrance west of the mastery point. Fly up on your skyscale until you get to the mastery point.

This is easiest with the Wall Launch.pngWall Launch mastery unlocked. However, you can also make it up without the mastery if you take off from the northern edge of the cave, where the rocks are a bit higher, or find a wide enough ledge to rest your skyscale on halfway up.

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