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FTT 201–407 Practicum in Advanced Dynamics

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The correct title of this article is [FTT 201–407] Practicum in Advanced Dynamics. The substitution or omission of the [] is because of technical restrictions.

[FTT 201–407] Practicum in Advanced Dynamics is a Long Live the Lich achievement where you obtain every upgrade related to Field Tech Turrets.


[FTT 201–407] Practicum in Advanced Dynamics Long Live the Lich Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Tinker with turrets by building and upgrading them to discover new upgrades.
Prerequisite: [FTT 100] Intro to Field Tech Turret Dynamics

Researched 21 Upgrades 5Achievement points



Reconfiguring and upgrading[edit]

The entire achievement can be done with a single turret. Speak to Krewe Leader Drazz after assembling at least one schematic to purchase a Counterweighting Mechanism.png[FTT] Deployment Kit for 1 Inscribed Shards + 5 Spare Parts.png + 50 Volatile Magic.png. (He will give you the first one for free.)

There are seven turret types: Direct Damage, Area Damage, Healing Aura, Shield Bubble, Boon Wave, Speed Wall, and Gravimetric Tunneling Field Oscillator. You will begin with the ability to reconfigure your deployed Field Tech Turret to any type whose schematics you've unlocked, ideally all seven.

The objective of this achievement is to "build" turrets of each of the seven types many times each. To save time and resources, you can alter a single turret an unlimited number of times, and it will count as building the types required for the achievement.

You will need to:

  1. Deploy the turret in the Domain of Kourna, in some out-of-the way place where you won't be attacked and where other players aren't likely to come by and interact with the turret (which will block you while they are looking at the menus).
  2. Reconfigure the turret repeatedly, until you've configured it ten times to each of the seven types (seventy times in total). Each reconfiguration counts as "building" Level 1 of the respective turret type and costs no Spare Parts. This will unlock the ability to upgrade each turret type to level 2.
  3. Continue to reconfigure the turret to different types, but now also upgrade it to level 2 each time. This costs 5 Spare Parts each time. (Reconfiguring a turret always resets it to Level 1.) Do this eight times for each of the seven turret types for a total of 280 Spare Parts. This will unlock the ability to upgrade each turret type to level 3.
  4. Continue to reconfigure the turret to different types, but now upgrade it to Level 2 (costing 5 Spare Parts) and then upgrade it to Level 3 (costing 10 Spare Parts) each time. Do this six times for each of the seven turret types for a total of 630 Spare Parts.
  5. You will now have discovered Level 4 turrets, which is enough for the collection and the achievement, you do not need to actually build Level 4 turrets, only discover them.

The cost of 280 Spare Parts for the Level 2 upgrades, plus 630 Spare Parts for the Level 3 upgrades, totals 910. However, bringing a type to Level 2 for the tenth time unlocks Level 3, letting you upgrade that type to Level 3 immediately and saving 5 Spare Parts per type.

Needing more Spare Parts[edit]

The turret continually loses health due to FTT Extempore Drawbacks. Upgrades which use Spare Parts restore some health, so it's not difficult to keep it alive during the Level 2 and Level 3 upgrades. But during the Level 1 reconfiguring it's possible it could run out of health, requiring you to buy another turret from Drazz.

Go slowly when you're upgrading it to Level 2 or Level 3. It might take a few seconds to change, so if you interact with it too quickly after an upgrade, the game might not 'notice' your upgrade and you'll need to spend Spare Parts on it again.

If you run out of parts, you can continue working on the achievement later without losing your progress, though you'll need to purchase a new turret from Drazz.

Collection items[edit]

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