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The Tyrian Service Medal

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The Tyrian Service Medal is a Long Live the Lich achievement. It is unlocked by speaking to Lady Camilla, who you receive a letter from upon arriving in the Domain of Kourna.


The Tyrian Service Medal Long Live the Lich 1Achievement points
Acquire all the available medals from the Tyrian campaign.Stand and be recognized. Acquired All Available Medals from the Tyrian Campaign 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Queensdale Service Ribbon.png Queensdale Service Ribbon Defeat the Shadow Behemoth in Queensdale
Metrica Province Defense Commendation.png Metrica Province Defense Commendation Defeat the fire elemental in the Metrica Province.
Blazeridge Steppes Service Cross.png Blazeridge Steppes Service Cross Defeat the Shatterer in Blazeridge Steppes.
Caledon Forest Combat Distinction.png Caledon Forest Combat Distinction Defeat the Great Jungle Wurm in Caledon Forest
Sunless Medallion.png Sunless Medallion Defeat Tequatl the Sunless in Sparkfly Fen
Mount Maelstrom Silver Heart.png Mount Maelstrom Silver Heart Defeat the Inquest Golem Mark II in Mount Maelstrom
Frostgorge Sound Star of Valor.png Frostgorge Sound Star of Valor Defeat the Claw of Jormag in Frostgorge Sound.
Mark of Glorious Victory.png Mark of Glorious Victory Assist in retaking the Cathedral of Glorious Victory.
Mark of Eternal Radiance.png Mark of Eternal Radiance Assist in retaking the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance.
Mark of Zephyrs.png Mark of Zephyrs Assist in retaking the Cathedral of Zephyrs.
Mark of Verdance.png Mark of Verdance Assist in retaking the Cathedral of Verdance.
Mark of Silence.png Mark of Silence Assist in retaking the Cathedral of Silence.


  • Once a character has accessed the Domain of Kourna and has spoken with Lady Camilla reward for each individual event may be earned by any character on the same account.
  • Several events count towards the "Mark" items:
    • Escorting the Pact to the temple and retaking it to the point where the boss is ready to spawn.
    • Killing the God-themed boss.
    • Any final event which occurs after killing the boss, if applicable.
    • Defending a captured temple from the risen.

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