Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft

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Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft

Item type
Shadow of the Mad King (2017 achievements).png Mad Maleficence
Soulbound on Acquire
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.

Hint: "On a jail break from the Fortress of Gandara, I took a moment to loot this."

— In-game description

Book of Palawa Poetry—1st Draft is a poem dedicated to praising Palawa Joko.



Book of Palawa Poetry - 1st Draft

Working Title: Joko Rising (...Too on the nose, or just right?)

I. Foul Fall foretells Winter; Winter worries into Spring; Spring storms bring summer swelter; and the sweltiest summer brought Joko the King.

II. No mother could have birthed Him; from no father did he spawn. Joko the Singular simply sprang to being, as Tyria purred along.

III. Joko ended nothingness; Joko started time. And now Joko, who is bored, sends both meter and rhyme to be tortured and executed.

IV. I, Joko, the Eternal Monarch, Scourge of Vabbi, the Beloved, Most lauded poet, capturing life and torturing it and then capturing its death

V. And torturing that too; Poet-King Joko, who has the screams of the tormented Ringing in his ears daily, for it is Joko who torments.

VI. Torments and is tormented by a lack of good help (Please apply within), hereby inscribes his name

VII. And a fraction of his honorable titles, to begin, at last, His magnum opus, his masterpiece, an exquisite confection—this poem.

VIII. The most noble Joko, born beneath a stormy sky. A student of sand and strife, willed into being by sweet suffering.

IX. Had no mother. No father. The cries for a god were answered, And the answer was Joko.

X. Fully formed, fully realized, he sprang forth, And those who saw greatness served him.

XI. By Joko, this is already tedious. Must I really do this for another hundred stanzas? My time is eternal, and still I feel like I'm wasting it.