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Beetle Saddle is a Long Live the Lich achievement, and is the second stage collection towards the Roller Beetle mount.


Beetle Saddle Long Live the Lich 3Achievement points
Collect saddle parts and bring them to Blish for assembly.Acquire the enhancements necessary to maximize your roller beetle's speed.
Prerequisite: Beetle Juice
9 Saddle Parts Collected 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Inquest Beetle Notes.png Inquest Beetle Notes Hint: Dropped by Awakened Inquest.
Inquest Power Schematics.png Inquest Power Schematics Hint: Search the Inquest lab equipment near Dabiji Hollows in the Domain of Kourna.
Coin of Lies.png Shadow Creator's Seal Hint: Collect a bounty in the Domain of Kourna.
Etheric Tank.png Steam Power Coupling Hint: Harvested from steam creatures.
Phasic Distortion Reader.png Plagued Struts Hint: Dropped by golems in the Domain of Kourna.
Shiny Bauble.png Anomaly Spark Hint: Collected from a Legendary Ley-Line Anomaly in its final moments.
Unbound Magic Gatherer.png Mk II Power Inverter Hint: Defeat the Mark II golem in Mount Maelstrom.
Completed Saddle.png Completed Saddle Hint: Return saddle parts to Blish in the Domain of Kourna.
Roller Beetle Mount Unlock.png Saddle Up Hint: Place the completed saddle on Petey.

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