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Veldrunner Drifts

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Veldrunner Drifts

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Map of Veldrunner Drifts

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Veldrunner Drifts is an area in the Domain of Kourna. These vast sand dunes are mainly inhabited by a large group of choya who often try to expand their territory by attacking the heket tribe living in the Apizmic Grounds to the south. The area also contains the ruins of the once notable Dejarin Estate, ancestral home of Koss Dejarin.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Point of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Dejarin Ruins





Ambient creatures


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png Mebahya Sapling

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Near Apizmic Grounds
Priest Badru: Ahai! The farmers tell me your tribe is friendly.
Heket Villager: Interesting, since they haven't exactly been friendly to us.
Heket Villager: I hope the dead king didn't send you.
Priest Badru: No! (laugh) I came with the Sunspears. To put an end to King Joko.
Heket Villager: Can't decide if your people are bold or foolish.
Priest Badru: Kormir only knows how you’ve managed to survive here, so close to Joko's fortress...
Heket Villager: The farmers thought we must be helping his cause.
Priest Badru: Everyone's suffered under Joko. But I swear we mean you no harm.
Shaman Acopa: So your people still worship Kormir, despite all the dead king's efforts.
Priest Badru: Truth's eternal. Joko's lies will be forgotten as soon as he's gone.
Shaman Acopa: "The Sun shines behind the darkest clouds."
Priest Badru: "As long as we work together, we can overcome any evil."
Heket Villager: A proverb contest? Haven't we suffered enough already?
Heket Villager: I went to see the farmers. To beg them for food.
Shaman Acopa: You shouldn't have gone alone. Those people don't trust us.
Heket Villager: Maybe not. But they're just as hungry and desperate as we are.
Shaman Acopa: We'll lose the old ways if we stay here much longer.
Heket Villager: Where can we go? The dead ones have us surrounded.
Shaman Acopa: There was a strange storm on the horizon not long ago. I wondered if Zintl was trying to tell us something...
Heket Villager: I hear an army came ashore to storm the dead king in his fortress.
Shaman Acopa: May the Sun shine on them.