Haunted Canyons

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Haunted Canyons

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Haunted Canyons map.jpg
Map of Haunted Canyons

Haunted Canyons locator.svg
Location within Bloodstone Fen

Bloodstone Fen
(Heart of Maguuma)
Connects to
Bloodstone Maw (E)

Haunted Canyons.jpg
Haunted Canyons

The Haunted Canyons is a jungle like area found within Bloodstone Fen. When the Bloodstone exploded, it caused the long dead spirits of those slain there to materialize as angered spirits during the night and any members of either the White Mantle or the Pact members caught in the blast became Bloodstone-crazed and now patrol the area looking for more Bloodstone.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png Salvation Springs
Point of interest.png Tomb of the Confessors




Talk quest option tango.png Squad Leader Bennett


Talk quest option tango.png Priory Historian



Unbound Magic Collector (map icon).png Scholar Rakka


Ambient creatures
White Mantle

Ambient dialogue[edit]

At the Pact Camp
Vigil Crusader: Sir, this is the second near-death experience you've had in a very short while.
Squad Leader Bennett: Can't say I hadn't noticed. I'm either exceptionally unlucky or exceptionally lucky. Can't decide which.
Vigil Crusader: While the concept of luck is generally preposterous, the Eternal Alchemy does seem to favor you.
Squad Leader Bennett: Favor me? I went from nearly being executed by a giant bloodstone to nearly being blown up by an even bigger bloodstone!
Vigil Crusader: Yet you survived both! I think you deserve a nickname. Bennett the Everlasting!
Squad Leader Bennett: Isn't that tempting the Eternal Alchemy to smite me for my arrogance...or something?
Vigil Crusader: That's not how the Eternal Alchemy works.
Marksman Morrica: We have to leave! Now! The stone men are coming for us!
Marksman Morrica: They made me see horrible ...things. They got in my head. They turned my own fears against me!
Priory Historian: You need to calm yourself and rest.
Marksman Morrica: I'm afraid to close my eyes. I see them still, inside my head. They're inside me!
Whispers Agent: How is she? Any improvements?
Priory Historian: She's stable. Well, physically stable, at least.
Whispers Agent: And mentally?
Priory Historian: This magic is unlike anything I've seen. It's deliberately tuned to cause as much suffering as possible.
Whispers Agent: Let's hunt down these stone men and show 'em how the Pact deals with its enemies!
Priory Historian: I fear—until we have a better idea of hat we're up against—we'd suffer the same fate she did.
Whispers Agent: Soon as we know what we're up against, I'm gonna find out if stone bleeds!
Priory Historian: I can guess. It seems like an overload of magic. Like getting electrocuted, but...not.
Priory Historian: It's affected her mind and her body both.
Whispers Agent: Hang up in there, soldier. Medic, keep up the good work. We can't lose her. She's too valuable.
Priory Historian: Understood.
Vigil Recruit: I've got a feeling the damage is far-flung. We should probably call for backup.
Priory Scholar: I don't know if there's backup available. We're probably on our own.
Vigil Recruit: Bennett will figure something out. We just need to follow his lead.
Priory Scholar: You think Marksman Morrica will be okay?
Vigil Recruit: I hope so, but it doesn't look good. Her condition is worsening.
Priory Scholar: It's like that magic fried her inside, or confused her circuits. She's in so much pain.
Vigil Recruit: C'mon. Talking about it isn't going to make it better. Do something productive.
Priory Scholar: Such as?
Vigil Recruit: Thinking about it with your mouth closed would be a step in the right direction.
Priory Scholar: Okay, I'm panicking. I admit it. This is a disaster!
Vigil Recruit: Keep it together soldier. This is no worse than what we've seen before.
Priory Scholar: You're kidding, right? Look at what the jade men did to her!
Priory Scholar: And all this magic...there's too much. What are we going to do?
Vigil Recruit: Let's take it one step at a time. Right now, you need to breathe.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes